Merrell Women’s Siren Breeze Trekking and Hiking Shoes Review

After many months of discussion, planning and everything in between, I finally agreed to go along with my husband on his trip to Ben Nevis. He’s a traveler by heart and I’m just laidback type of lady; but who can say no to the picturesque view from the Lake District to the Welsh mountain massifs? We’d take the route via Carn Mor Dearg of the Scottish Highlands hence; this is something I wouldn’t want to skip.

And as part of planning, I constantly check the gears and clothing I have. After a thorough research over the internet, I learned that the trip calls for proper footwear. I guess I need to listen more to my husband’s advice to avoid wasting time on doing my own research. So I bought Merrell Siren Breeze Trekking and Hiking Shoes at the mall and I’m really glad of my choice.


Product features

Lady-friendly appearance

Although the main purpose of buying appropriate footwear is to have something comfortable to wear, I can’t help but consider the appearance of the shoes. Merrell Siren Breeze Trekking and Hiking Shoes is the perfect answer if you’re looking for shoes that are comfortable and very feminine. Brindle and brown are the two main colors to choose from but unlike men’s, they don’t have that rough and rugged appearance. I love the lace-up fastening system and I should also command the combination of materials. It makes the shoes efficient but without the bulkiness present in most shoes.

Features for gals

Merrell Siren Breeze Trekking and Hiking Shoes uphold a Q-form comfort midsole that provides cushioning. This also gives that specific cushion shaping specifically designed for lady’s feet. Because the upper mesh material is backed up with the classic gore-tex xcr membrane, you can expect a high level of ventilation and breathability. Again, this is another feature that typical rubber shoes don’t always acquire. The padded ankle and heel are of great help in saving your feet from potential bruises and sores. You also have there an air cushion foot bed that makes this product acquire a comfortable and warm feet.

Technology is present

Of course, women also have their fair share of high-tech shoes, if I may. Merrell Siren Breeze Trekking and Hiking Shoes feature an Ortholite anatomical foot bed. The traditional Vibram outer sole is also there. This helps you maintain a likable level of grip and tension especially when walking on slippery paths. This pair is fully waterproof. The dynamic platform and the good dose of science fusion is most probably the main reason why people love this product.

Where it can be improved

Nevertheless, every product also has its own flaws. With Merrell Siren Breeze Trekking and Hiking Shoes, my main concern would be on the tongue area. Yes it is waterproof, but unless you figured out the proper way of positioning the tongue and dealing with the lace up fastening system, you might experience damp feet after. It took me about 4 tries after I perfect this aspect and therefore, don’t endure the water invading the inside of my shoes.

Product variations

Merrell Siren Sport Walking Shoes
Merrell Siren Sport Gore Tex Xcr Walking Trekking and Hiking Shoes
Merrell Calia Trainer


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Final say

With a retail price of £50-£80, I can say this product is worth the buy. I’m not that knowledgeable with shoes, especially hiking and sporting shoes; but Merrell showed me that nothing is more important than the materials used and the craftsmanship of a product. I was able to decide on purchasing this product alone that means without a single word or advice from my expert husband and he was pretty amazed I ended up with a likable pair.


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