Merrell Women’s Kahuna Iii Classic Taupe Ankle Wrap Sandal Review

It’s been quite some time since our family had a grand vacation and this year, we planned to go beach hopping. My daughters are already equipped with the gears and clothing they needed; but not me. We decided to go out and ravage every mall we see to find me a perfect pair of sandals. I found Merrell Kahuna Iii Classic Taupe Ankle Wrap Sandal and honestly speaking, I was not sure of its quality. My previous all-around summer sandals looked better, although I’ve been hearing tons of positive feedback about Merrell.

I tried it on and took a while to find the perfect size for me, which was way bigger than my usual size. The comfort made me decide to purchase it and after our beach hopping, I was really glad of what my daughters and I bought.



Style and comfort

As mentioned, I’m very meticulous when it comes to style. I don’t settle with mere good-looking shoes but I also see to it that they look good on me. With Merrell Kahuna Iii Classic Taupe Ankle Wrap Sandal, I was really amazed how it turned from an ordinary pair displayed on the shoe rack, into stunning footwear the moment I tried it on. I just love how the ankle wrap system behaves and they literally reached my ankles – which is sometimes a problem with other shoes.

Since it uses Velcro for fastening, it’s quite easy to make adjustments. I’m fond of footwear that has front locks but the back-strap of this pair works great as well. The entire strapping also fitted my slim feet flawlessly. Now that’s exquisite pairing of style and comfort.

Materials rule

Merrell Kahuna Iii Classic Taupe Ankle Wrap Sandal is crafted with pigskin outer material. This is responsible for the toughness of the sandals, making it endure any type of weather. The rubber soles are also great and after getting soaked on beach water, they still look brand new. Merrell had this pair equipped with air cushion in the heel area. Just in case you feel like running in the shoreline or perhaps having a rack in the woods, this feature is of great help in distributing the pressure and stress on your feet. With it, you’ll have something that will absorb the shock. Pair this with the external TPU heel and you’ll have stability at its highest level.

More, more and just more

After checking the internet, I learned that my Merrell pair has loads of crazy features that make it simply worth the buy. Merrell Kahuna Iii Classic Taupe Ankle Wrap Sandal it appareled with Lycra neoprene lining. This adds a padded comfort and since it is treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution, you’re saved from the dilemma of having smelly feet.

Where it can be improved

On the contrary, I wish Merrell made the toe-part of these sandals adjustable, somehow. They’re a bit tight and I already have narrow feet. If such part can be adjusted, I bet more people will love this pair. It took a while for me to be accustomed to such kind of tightness and good thing it doesn’t cause any bruises or other form of pain.

Product variations

Merrell Siena Water Sandal
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Merrell Violotta Ankle Strap


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Overall review

For a price of £75 and with all the specifications mentioned above, there’s nothing to scoff about with Merrell Kahuna Iii Classic Taupe Ankle Wrap Sandal. From the topmost to its sole, this product mirrors simplicity and comfort.


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