Merrell Men’s Trail Glove Multisport Shoes Review

Back in my younger years, I remember how I feel crazy when my dad rants about his “sports shoes” being gobbled up by my dog. Not only are the shoes expensive but what he wants more about is that is it’s difficult to find such type of shoes that performs well, matches his feet and fits his budget. Looking back, I now perfectly understand where he’s coming from. I just purchased my very first multisport shoes and after 2 months of having it, I found out that our neighbor’s dog used it as substitute to his bone chew toy.

Fast-forward, I ended up having to purchase a new pair and just like my dad many years back, I was also very meticulous. I decided to get Merrell Trail Glove Multisport Shoes with many reasons. Furthermore, the pair also looked quite jazzy.



Sports shoes with technology

Juggling work, college life and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle gives me the ticket to claiming I have no time to search online. When I talked to the salesman about Merrell Trail Glove Multisport Shoes, I was quite impressed of his long speech about its advantages. At the same time, I had my nose bleeding on the different “shoe technology” he was mentioning. The moment I got home, I immediately checked online and found out that the pair of footwear I bought is equipped with Vibram performance. This is specifically the unique rubber soles that are no match to the rough terrains of outdoor hiking. It’s also slip resistance and very durable. The shoes also have a unique ventilation system to allow your feet to breathe and it’s also vegan-friendly – meaning there’s not a single animal product used to create such comfortable shoes.

Merrell Trail Glove Multisport Shoes is crafted with microfiber air mesh for its upper material. It also features the signature Merrell Omni-Fit lacing system which secures the shoes well and maintains a high level of comfort. It is welded with TPU which provides a glove-like fit. The synthetic leather rear foot sling is responsible for the stability of the product while the fused rubber toe bumper gives high durability.

Inner and outer structure

I should also command the unique, non-removable microfiber foot bed of the shoes as it is treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution. This resists sweating and odor. A flexible plate is situated on each forefoot which protects you feet from bruises especially caused by stones. You also got there a 4mm compression EVA cushions for the midsole and 1mm forefoot absorption plate. This maintains the flexibility and also protects your feet by distributing and balancing the pressure. Lastly, Merrell Trail Glove Multisport Shoes comes with 0mm heel ball which keeps you connected to your terrain.

Where it can be improved

Just like any product, one will always have a side of drawbacks. With this Merrell shoes, my main concern would be the glove-fit feature. It feels very comfortable when I’m at home but when I start running with it, the glove-fit feature feels like leveling up. I ended up stopping without finishing my 1-hour terrain and did some adjustments with the shoes. It also took a while until I finally found the right adjustment on the lace-up system which I learned is linked to the glove-fit feature.

Product variations

Merrell Barefoot Run Bare Access 2 Running Shoes
Merrell Mix Master Mid Waterproof
Merrell CHAM 5 Vent Trekking & Hiking Shoes


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Final say

For a £50-£80 pair of shoes, I can say this product is a great bargain. The features and technology tailor-made to it are simply impeccable. If Merrell would stop selling this pair, I don’t think I’d be able to find another one has the identical or even nearly-identical features with it.


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