Merrell Men’s Refuge Pro Gtx Lace Up Trainer Review

Since I’m trying to lose weight I generated a new and better daily habit of walking more than I’ve never walked before. This started almost 6 months ago and so far, it has been working great and shedding pounds off. The only concern I have is with my feet. For big people like me, it’s a bit difficult to find a pair of shoes that fits well and acquires more essential features. Nonetheless, I didn’t lose hope and that’s something I would really brag about; because it’s when I was about to give up and settle on second-hand bargain shoes where I discovered Merrell Refuge Pro Gtx Lace Up Trainer. I accidentally stumbled upon it while my wife was shopping for her own walking shoes.

I tried it on out of curiosity and because it looks great and the fit made me decide to purchase it. An added factor was also the customer attendant who provides me with all essential and engaging details about the product. Amazingly, all she mentioned were reality-based.



Not your ordinary shoes

What I love the most about Merrell Refuge Pro Gtx Lace Up Trainer is that it is carefully constructed – simply seamless. The pig suede and nubuck leather makes a great pair for the upper structure. The Vibram Refuge Sole/TC5 Rubber is also highly efficient in keeping a good grip to the ground. After using it a couple of times on different weather – including rainy season – I should say I’m pretty flabbergast on how the bellows tongue efficiently keeps the debris and dust out. The nylon arch shank which is molded perfectly makes the shoes extra comfy, that is alongside the 5mm sole lug depth. After purchasing, I have never had such long, comfortable walk ever, and I realized I can do more.

Specs that really work

Have you ever purchased something that claims so much and made you expect a lot but in the end, serves as the reflection of a total failure? These incidents are, unfortunately, present even on walking shoes; but not on Merrell Refuge Pro Gtx Lace Up Trainer. The product is packed with useful features that you will really feel.

Start that with the Abrasion resistant rubber toe cap, which literally spares your toes from injuries and pain. It also comes with the traditional Merrell Ortholite anatomical foot bed responsible of keeping your feet fresh all day long. Tie that up with the waterproof membrane that is treated with the classic Aegis antimicrobial solution and you will never have to deal with damp and smelly feet ever again.

The secret of comfort

Apparently, comfortable shoes are not always those with cushiony material. In fact, such shoes may sometimes cause heating and sweating because of the material. With Merrell Refuge Pro Gtx Lace Up Trainer, you will see and feel a big difference since it comes with molded compression EVA foot frame. This provides a high level of cushioning. The Split technology, which is present on the foot frame still, is responsible for balancing the stress, shock and pressure on your feet. With this, you won’t have to deal with over-pronation. Merrell air cushion is also present to help add stability. Now that’s helpful especially if you’re using these shoes on hiking or other similar activities. Finally, this pair is 100%, literally waterproof! that is something I need to stress out.

Where it can be improved

I just think Merrell, or these shoes at least, has a problem with adhesives. After purchasing my trainer shoes, I need to return to the store to have the outer toe part fixed. It worn out after wearing the pair 3 times only. After the personnel repaired it, the shoes were working great. Perhaps that’s something you should notice upon purchasing.

Product variations

Merrell Refuge Core Mid Ventilator Waterproof Hiking Boot
Merrell Refuge Pro Wtpf Lace Up
Merrell Refuge Pro Vent GTX Trekking & Hiking Shoes


review-1 review-2

Final say

For a waterproof pair of shoes that spares your feet from being smelly and sweaty, and helps you keep up with rough terrains and long walks, paying £100-£120 is not a bad deal at all. Merrell may not a perfect brand but all else are not faultless as well. What’s good about this specific pair of shoes is that they provide more than what typical users are expecting.


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