Merrell Men’s Phoenix Gore Tex Trekking and Hiking Shoes Review

After months of waiting, I was finally relieved from the crutches that took over my life for almost 2 months. Since the doctor allowed me to take not-so-rough hikes and treks, my brothers-in-law and some cousins decided that we go back to the great outdoors, just like the good old days. Shortly after the plan was finalized and the date was set, I realized I need to purchase a new pair of multisport shoes. My wife suggested online shopping and she’s right, the internet is the best place for rush purchases.

I spotted Merrell Phoenix Gore Tex Trekking and Hiking Shoes after mere skimming and I knew it’s the right pair for me – and it was! Aside from the first hike after almost 2 months, I’ve been using my pair for almost a year now and I’m glad it still works and feels new.


Product features and specs

Raw is raw

I would first want to comment about the materials used to create this very comfortable footwear; after all, material comes first than anything else for me. The sole is made with Merrell Kamet soles with padded EVA midsole. Now that gives you the idea that this shoes has rubber tread soles. It appears typical at first but the moment you use the shoes repeatedly and on harsh weather, you’ll realize the difference between traditional soles and Merrell’s specialized soles and sole technology.

As for the upper part, Merrell Phoenix Gore Tex Trekking and Hiking Shoes are equipped with its Gore-Tex performance comfort inner lining. This is the main reason why the shoes feel so comfortable despite the rough terrain you’re traveling. It’s also equipped with proper mesh for added breathability. Now that’s something not all shoes feature.

Efficiency and quality

With all the mentioned materials above, you can definitely label this Merrell pair is high quality footwear; add to that the fact that it comes from a well-known and highly reputable company. But aside from top quality materials, Merrell Phoenix Gore Tex Trekking and Hiking Shoes are also stuffed with shoe technology – if I may call it like that – that you’ll surely love. First off, its foot bed it treated with Aegis solution. This is the solution to your sweaty and smelly feet because the Aegis prevents microbes to accumulate on your feet and shoes. The pair is also waterproof – and yes, I was able to prove that myself after using it under strong rain. Laces are the closing system with fixed hooks.

When talking about multisport shoes or practically even typical walking shoes, part of it’s efficiently lies on the inside science – I’m talking about the cushions here. Merrell Phoenix Gore Tex Trekking and Hiking Shoes come with air cushion particularly in the heel that absorbs shock. This adds stability and helps you keep your balance. It also features padded heel, tongue and ankle.

Where it can be improved

I’m not sure if this is a point for improvement or what, but to be honest, it took 2 returns before I got the right size. I have purchased Merrell sandals before and bought the same size for these shoes but I have no idea why the shoes fit smaller. I bet this is something potential buyers should watch out for.

Product variations

Merrell Moab Ventilator Walking Shoes
Merrell Phoenix Vent Hiking Shoes
Merrell Phoenix Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot




Final say

Aside from the size problem, Merrell Phoenix Gore Tex Trekking and Hiking Shoes is a flawless pair for me. I was on crutches for almost 2 months and this is the first footwear I’ve ever worn besides my home slippers. They felt really comfy and I’m really glad I trusted the brand for the second time around. And to think it costs £80-£125 only, this is definitely a good purchase for me.


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