Merrell Men’s MOAB VENT Hiking Shoe Review

This may sound crazy especially for the non-travelers, but did you guys know that it is possible to lose one pair of your shoes when travelling? Or perhaps a better question is “do you believe that you can lose one of your shoes when travelling?” I know both versions sound weird but it happened to me a couple of years ago. I went hiking with some friends and although I have my hiking shoes tied onto my rucksack, I forgot to change and I ended up using typical rubbers until we reached our first stop. It wasn’t too bad at all – I was just amazed how one of my hiking shoes fell off without even us noticing it, and the other one is about to fall as well.

To make the long story short, I ended up needing to purchase another pair of hiking shoes. After trying many pairs, I opted for Merrell MOAB VENT Hiking Shoes. The shoes felt really warm and cozy, and I love how it fits my feet.



Goodbye stinky, sweaty feet

Let’s start this review with the best of the best features of the shoes. I have no idea what an Aegis solution is, but after a brief explanation from the sales guy, I realized it is something that most of my shoes don’t acquire, yet it is one essential for both men’s and women’s sports shoes. Merrell MOAB VENT Hiking Shoes highlight its Aegis antimicrobial treatment. This is basically applied on the breathable mesh lining installed on the inside of the shoes.

The treatment is responsible for keeping your feet safe from microbes that can cause smelly feet. The high level of breathability of this product, with the help of the mesh lining and other contributing materials makes it efficient in keeping your feet less sweaty. Merrell also boasts that this pair is equipped with Ortholite anatomical foot bed and compression molded EVA foot frame to keep it comfy for all foot types.

Best fabrication ever

Another general factor that dumbfounded me was the fabrication and materials of Merrell MOAB VENT Hiking Shoes. It is crafted with Vibram Multi-sport sole linked to TC5+ rubber. A 5mm sole depth slug is also present along with the molded nylon arch shank. Such combo made me realize it’s really worth paying attention to the materials of the product – whether shoes, clothes, typically anything under the sun.

The synthetic leather toe caps are quite efficient in preventing my toes to be crushed when combating with rough terrains and long walks. I should also mention the heel counter which contributes to the comfort of the shoes. With these features, I would consider it a big sin if I go reckless and lose one of it.

Where it can be improved

When it comes to the improvement points, which every product acquires, I can say it’s the narrowness of the shoes. Although I find it comfortable (did I say that already?), there are instances where I feel it’s a bit tight. I think it has something to do with the sizing of the shoes. Will probably get a bigger size next time and see how it works.

Product variations

Merrell Geomorph Blaze
Merrell Mix Master Tuff
Merrell Refuge Pro Ventilator Gore-Tex Trainer Hiking Shoes


review-1 review-2

Overall review

For a price of £70-£80, the Merrell MOAB VENT Hiking Shoes is indeed worth the investment. So far, after using it about 5 times already, I can say I haven’t faced any major problems with it. I even utilize the pair on typical day walks when I know it will be one long walk and it has always been efficient; definitely worth the buy.


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