Mac in a Sac Travel Coat for Women Review

It was summer and the wind was colder than ever before, I rummaged through my closet and chose a coat to wear to go outside. To my dismay, I realized that I have issues with the coats I owned. These did not keep me warm traversing my ways going to and from the office. That’s how I decided to shop online to buy more effective protective shell for my body and I got curious with this product.

Three days later the parcel which contained Mac in a Sac Travel Coat arrived and I quickly don it as I was about to report to work when it was delivered. I was really satisfied with my purchase.


Features and specifications

Systematic yet comfortable

With waterproof insulation at 2000 mm and breathable fitting of 2000 gsm, you are totally covered without undue discomfort of cold winds seeping in the coat and tingles your skin and shiver. A full length coat that just hangs a little below the knees thus, it gives additional protection in downward part of your body. Mac in a Sac Travel Coat includes a bag for you to store it when not in use. At 400 grams, toting it around or sliding it inside your carry all bag, does not add additional effort to bring it always when going to work or returning home.

Simply irresistible

More reasons why you cannot help but wear it even if it’s not cold out there has something to do with convenience. On top of having insulation layers that keeps you dry all the time, features that really cover you, are all in Mac in a Sac Travel Coat. The hood for example is adjustable and detachable, so it gives you options whether to cover your head or leave it open for others to see how beautiful your mane is. There are also two front pockets which can accommodate your hand and slip them inside when you forget to wear your gloves or hide important valuables such as mobiles.

All essential extras

The adjustable belt permits you to align the coat to complement pleats and ruffles of your attire thus, you look glam not bulky. Mac in a Sac Travel Coat also has adjustable velcro cuff attachments to help arm length of the coat in place and cuff seams look just right not haywire. The shoulder button addition adds further element for glamorous wearing of the outfit.

Where it can be improved

One concern though – when you remove it from the pouch is that the coat seems a little bit creased. I don’t know if it has something to do with layering materials.  But just the same the manufacturer should experiment with other fabric to solve wrinkles and dimples with Mac in a Sac Travel Coat. These unwanted folds and pleats might just ruin your need to look glamorous while walking in malls, in the streets, or sashaying around parks.

Product variations

Mac in a Sac Tartan Packaway Waterproof Jacket
Elle Ladies Waterproof Packaway Jacket
Mac in a Sac Continental Waterproof Jacket




Final verdict

With price range of £29.60 – £34.99, this wonderful coat is just right for every individual who wants to make the most of their money. You will always feel protected from cold fronts when doing activities such as walking the dog, watching a game from the bleachers, or going to balls and parties. I know my other coats will just have to go as this product really serves my purpose. I will definitely recommend it to my female friends or even male associates as gift suggestion for their girlfriends or wives.


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