Mac-in-a-Sac Unisex Over Trouser Review

I was riding with my bike when all of sudden rain fell hard on me. It was a bad idea after all not wearing protective trousers as I had difficulty pedaling my way back home as my legs were about to surrender not due to tiredness but rather on the frigid wind that caressed my legs; I was shivering all the way back home. And, I had to make several stops to wipe the water dripping on my limb section.

While resting before I showered, I went online and search for this type of pants. I found Mac-in-a-Sac Unisex Over Trouser in one of most popular online shopping sites; I loaded my buyer’s information and charged it to my credit and in two days I received the outfit. I tried it only once since I bought it and I experienced no more problems when dealing with rain while biking towards home.


Features and specifications

Always on the move

I was expecting that I would be dry; but when the moment I touched the fabric material when I opened the package, I had some serious doubts whether it can absorbed sweat and moisture while riding my bike. It was a delight to discover that Mac-in-a-Sac Unisex Over Trouser really fulfilled its promise of windproof and breathable products for active people like me. Rainwater just slid down on the trouser without penetrating inside and wet your legs.

Excellent protective trouser

It is equipped with an elastic waistband hence, riding motorcycles and bicycles or even walking under the rain makes it comfortable for you to do so. It also won’t slip easily, instead; it can give a firm hold around your body and limbs. These trousers are also attached with two pockets thus, you can store your small personal items such as wallets, mobile phones, and compact gadgets. At the lower portion, it is stitched with Velcro tape so that the leg part of the pants will snuggle comfortably just above the ankle or below it.

Always on the go

The sad thing about weather is that no one can predict it correctly. As such, you need to be prepared always. Mac-in-a-Sac Unisex Over Trouser is complemented with a sac for you to store it and bring it along with you always. Just fold the pants and insert in the small bag and you have it always during emergency weather situation. This sac is also safe under any type of weather hence, there’s nothing much for you to worry about.

Fits for all

We all know that family shares with each other. Because it is a unisex item, both sexes can use it. Even if you only own a pair at home, everyone at home can wear it and stay protective while performing short term activities such as buying something in neighborhood store during wet season.

Where it can be improved

Indeed, perfect merchandise is quite rare even in this age of modern technology. The length of these pants can be a problem to taller people, somehow. I stand 5 feet and seven inches but the rim of the trousers just reach enough the ankle level.  Thus, when I sit on my bike, Mac-in-a-Sac Unisex Over Trouser shows a little flesh.

Product variations

Mac in a Sac 2 Packaway Waterproof Overtrousers
Target Dry Venture Overtrousers – short
Target Dry Venture Waterproof Overtrousers


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Final verdict

For £12-£18, it is an affordable wet situation protection outfit which are short term in nature. It is also good for sports activities or attire for gym workouts. I will definitely buy two more pairs of Mac-in-a-Sac Unisex Over Trouser in case situation occurs when two or more family members are going out and need this outfit.


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