Lowe Alpine TT Tour 60 & 70 Travel Pack Review

It’s a given fact that women’s “perfect backpacks” are more difficult to find than men’s. Most sports section offer a wide variety of travelling backpacks for men which unfortunately, don’t perfectly match woman’s body shape. That’s why prior to shopping for backpacks, I make it a habit to check online for ideal brands and suggestions from other adventurers. So far, I can say the Lowe Alpine TT Tour is the best brand for us, ladies. It also has a version for gents which probably fit them best as well.

After using the backpack 3 times, I decided to make a review to let you guys know why this backpack deserves your investment. Indeed, it’s worth every cent I paid for it and it makes every journey of mine comfortable. Check this out.

Lowe Alpine TT Tour 60 & 70

Specs and features

Weight, size, and everything in between

The bag’s weight plays an important factor when talking about comfort. I mean, it’s quite useless to purchase a bag with all essential features when its weight alone is too much than usual packs. With Lowe Alpine TT Tour specifically for ladies, it only weighs 2.35 kilos. With a load zone of 18-22 kilos, a torso length of 22-15 inches maximum, and 60-70 kilos carry capacity, there’s no reason to question the weight and size specifications of this bag. It’s made with 840 NailHead and 900 Twill which means it’s sturdy enough for all types of travel and adventure.

The best parts

Let’s put price on top of the list. Because travelling can be costly, it’s a great help if you could find a rucksack that can provide all your needs and at the same time work with your tight budget. As far as what I’ve searched the most expensive Lowe Alpine TT Tour is only $200 and that’s an original version we’re talking about. Indeed something great for every first-time explorer who doesn’t want to break the bank.

This is also equipped with enough buckles, clamps, zippers, and everything else you need to keep the whole bag neat and firm no matter how full it is. It has plastic slits on the outside where you can attach gears. However, because the slits are made from plastic, you will need to other ways to attach gears that are easier to fasten on direct-fabric slits.

Internal and external

Since rough terrains are not really ladies’ thing, you may have to worry about carrying a heavy bag. Good thing the Lowe Alpine TT Tour is made with an effective internal frame that holds the bag’s weight closer to you, keeping you from slipping on rough roads and terrains. Such system is also well-balanced and not too rigid thus the comfort level remains high.

Where it could be improved

The improvement part can focus on the size of the bag. Technically there are lots of bags that are smaller in built but can still carry the same weight as Lowe Alpine TT Tour. However since this brand already has a proven track record many women still opt for it. If you’re planning to use it as a carry-on luggage then I suggest you use one smaller bag because it can be difficult to fit it in an overhead compartment.

Product variations

Lowe Alpine TT Tour 70
Lowe Alpine TT Tour ND60

Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker II 70
Lowe Alphine Nanon 50:60
Lowe Alpine TFX Konger 65:75



Final Judgment

For all trekker and trekker-wanna-be’s out there, I’m sure you also realized how great this backpack is. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it also acquires all the essentials every travelling backpack should have. By being extra resourceful, you’ll surely find means and ways to deal with the minimal flaws; and with the price range of $215 – $230, it sure is worth the investment.


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