Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker 60+16 & 70 Travel Pack Review

Travelling without a map? That’s manageable as long as you have phone signal in the place. Travelling with improper rucksack? That’s manageable as long as you have more than 4 arms to carry all your topsy-turvy stuffs. But since that’s not possible, you can assume that it’s next to impossible. Indeed it is – to the point that I have to look for the nearest mall (or shabby stalls) just to find 2 more bags I could easily carry. And take note, I was planning to travel in a deserted place; a place where modern civilization remains unknown. Since I was going to document the way of living in such places I have tons of gadgets and paraphernalia with me, and to think I used to wrong bag (because I have no other backpacks) – I will never do that again.

So here I am, sharing the most positive part of that experience, which was my discovery on Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker bags. Check out this review and you never know, maybe this is the right backpack for your next trip.

Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker 60+16 & 70 Travel Pack Review


The main rucksack

Let’s first focus on what the main backpack can offer. Technically, it is made with the ever-sturdy and comfortable TFX system of the Torso Fit carrying system which literally gives you comfort while carrying a heavy bag. It allows you to freely adjust so that it will fit your torso and body shape. The waist belts and shoulder straps can be stored in a zipper panel at the back part of the bag. With this feature, you don’t have to deal with airport problems – we all know how annoying those straps can get when checking baggage at airports. This also has top and side carry handles for easier carriage; not to mention a clamshell pouch that protects the daypack.

The mini-me

Just to make things clear, the Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker has a 2-in-1 feature that includes a daypack in every purchase. The main rucksack alone can carry around 60-70 liters while the daypack can deal with up to 16 liters. It also acquires all essential features any big, travelling backpack has. The daypack has a hidden zipper in front perfect for travelling documents, a rear zip pocket, a padded back panel, and an internal organizer to keep all your things intact.

Extra specs

With the sole fact that Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker is made of a combination of nylon and polyester, you can really guarantee that this item is quite sturdy. The main backpack is made with 1680 denier Polyester Ballistic and 630 denier Nylon. It has an internal frame made with High-density polyethylene and it comes with a rain cover. Furthermore, its fair size of 28x15x9 inches, and top pack loading system is something many customers simply love.

Where it could be improved

Only one suggestion for Lowe Alpine – probably they should consider installing a hydration system for all their backpacks, including this. There are many travelers and adventurers out there who often need easy access to water, and since the Travel Trekker currently don’t have a water system, you should consider bringing a bigger tumbler.

Product variations

Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker II ND 60
Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker II 70

Lowe Alpine TT Tour ND 60
Lowe Alpine TFX Lhotse ND 65:80
Lowe Alpine TFX Makalu 65:85


Lowe-Alpine-Travel-Trekker-60+16-&-70-Travel-Pack-Review 1

Final Judgment

With all these specs and features, you probably don’t have any reason not to buy this backpack. Add to that the flexible price of $215-$325, plus a couple of sale offers throughout the year, this backpack is surely worth your investment. It’s sturdy, comfortable, and it has almost all the features every travelling bag should have.


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