Below is a great collection of Blogs I recommend you read. If you wish to feature on this page please contact me.

48 Hour Adventure – Justin tells you how to have a 48 hour adventure in popular destinations. – Craig introduces his readers to the wonders of New England. He also gives suggestions on the activities you can do there.

A Couple Travelers – This blog was created by Dave and Vicky who wanted to list down all their travel adventures including excursions and hotel accommodations for the convenience of all travellers out there.

A Dangerous Business – Amanda, who is a graduate student and at the same time an avid traveller, gives out helpful pieces of advice and tips on the places she’s been to including personal stories with supplementary videos and photographs.

A Little Adrift – Shannon O’ Donnell, a former actress and is now currently a traveller and writer talks about her trips around the world. She created this blog in the hopes of encouraging aspiring travellers through her personal stories and travel advice.

A Travellers Journey – As soon as Nico left England his adventures of travel began. The website covers all of his experiences in the places he has been to shedding light on the culture, language and must-sees.

Anywhere But Home: a [travel] photography blog ♥ – In 2010, Naomi is an expat who decided that she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in her hometown so she travelled all over the world and embraced this as her new lifestyle. Her blog chronicled all the places she’s been to highlighting her favourite tourist spots.

A View To A Thrill– Renee King believes that travelling need not be expensive. This blog talks about her adventures with her daughter, Carisa, and how they managed to hop from one adventure to the next paying only a fraction of a price.

A Wandering Sole – This site is the home to Laura’s famous adventures. In here you can read about the people she’s come across with, her experiences and all of her travel adventures.

A Year In Motion – Ninfa and Tony share their expeditions through the marvellous pictures they took posted on this website.

Abandon The Cube – This blog is owned by Lauren and Mike who shares their experiences, stories and costs of their travels. The site also gives a short history of the countries they visit including travel recommendations, routes and a lot more.

Adventurous Kate – Kate is an adventurous lass who goes out on a solo journey as soon as she decided to quit her job. Her blog is to show to people how they can safely and easily travel on their own.

Adventure Rob – This website is Robert Fitzsimmons’ blog and it documents everything he does, the places he visits, his thoughts, musings and where he safe keeps his treasured photographs of all his travel escapades.

Arctic Nomad – Jarmo is a hippie vagabond who created this website for the sole purpose of archiving his travel photos but eventually he turned it into a blog to document his round-the-world trips starting from 2011. Jarmo gives ample travel advice to all globetrotters out there.

Around The World in 80 Jobs – This site is owned by Turner who has a 4-fold plan for his blog. He wants to gain employment, to travel the world and live overseas, to find ways and means to fund his travels by searching for interesting travel jobs and to help other people find job opportunities abroad.

Around The World L – Lilie, a thirty one year old teacher, shares about her travel experiences dating back to August of 2009 in this personal blog. She’s been to a couple of European countries and spent four months in South East Asian Countries. If you want travel advice from the list of countries she’s been to you should tune in to her site.

Aussie On The Road – Chris, who is a freelance writer and at the same time a self-confessed travel addict once dreamed of venturing into new kinds of adventures. This blog serves as proof to all of his travel escapades ever since he hopped on a plane to explore the world and beyond.

Backpacking Matt – Matt shares about his backpacking exploits while at the same time offers inspiring stories on how to be frugal while you’re out exploring the world.

Be A TravelBee – Joya Anthony admits to being bitten by the travel bug when she travelled around Europe for about eight months. Her blog is filled with travel experiences of her own as well as other interesting stories from different travellers.

Be On The Road – This blog is owned and written by Sankara Subramanian. Sankara is a freelance travel blogger and photographer who wishes to share his passion for wildlife photography and adventure travel with the world through his site paying particular attention to India, his home country.

Brooklyn Nomad – Andrew Hickey shares about his obsession with travel in this blog. He has been to numerous destinations all over the world and his work has appeared in a wide array of popular media outlets.

Bubble Buster Project – The Bubble Buster urges you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world. This site will keep you abreast with her latest travels and her unusual adventures all around the world.

Budget Travel Tips – The writers of this website offer substantial information on budgeting tips when you’re out and about travelling the world. Budget advice on accommodation and food are also included.

Caffeinated Traveller – A creative blog that is dedicated to sharing travel experiences from all over the world while at the same focusing on coffee shops and cuisine. It’s the perfect cure for your wanderlust and your addiction to caffeine.

Candice Does the World – Candice talks about her bizarre experiences and her unfortunate coincidences with the places she’s visited. A narrative and reflective blog that depicts Candice’s relationship with every place she’s been to.

Dave’s Photo & Travelblogue – David Douglas shares world travel advice, tips on Munich and the environs and samples of his photographs from his various travel exploits. It’s a highly eclectic website that all travellers and photographers would enjoy.

Dave’s Travel Corner – Dave founded Dave’s Travel Corner back in 1996 and he chose to focus mainly on experiential travel. His blog consists of a wide array of travel topics in a diverse range of budgets. This blog serves as his journal as a result of his passion in writing, travelling and taking wonderful photographs.

European Travelista – European Travelista is all about exploring the most visited as well as the least visited locations in all of Europe including France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In here you’ll find refreshing ideas on where to stay, where to eat and where to go should you travel to Europe.

Everything-Everywhere – Garyn Arndt started travelling the world ever since he sold his house in March 2007. He’s been to about seven continents, more than a hundred countries, all of the fifty states of America, nine out of ten Canadian provinces and over a hundred and eighty UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Now that says a lot about his travels making his blog teemed with photos, updates and travel information from all the places he’s been to.

Filipina on Flip Flops -Daene Luna began her journey when she went out on a swim to an isolated beach in a lone island years ago. It inspired her to travel and to seek strange places taking pictures and chronicling her experiences here and there. Although she’s torn between her stable work and her need to get away, she has learned through her travels that she can juggle both.

Finding the Universe – Laurence and Vera are both into writing and photography and coincidentally they’re both travellers. They started their journeys back in June 2009 but created their blog in May 2010 as an avenue to display their travel experience, photography and as a means to reach out to people in giving genuine travel advice.

FoXnoMad – Anil Polat started travelling at a young age but it was only four years ago when he started travelling all over the world on a permanent basis. His blog is where he keeps updates about where he’s been and the places he plans of visiting next. Expect this blog to be all about travel, culture and technology. He also gives travel advice on how to use your gadgets wisely while travelling.

Guy and Girl Travels – Michelle together with her husband Joe share their stories about love, life and their travels as they aim to inspire readers to be carefree and just make the most of every moment. The website is packed with personal travel experiences, reviews, travel tips and so much more.

Global Grasshopper – Gray and Becky share their experiences to explorers, photographers and travel writers all over the world by providing them with a global magazine and resource aimed to inspire people to travel the world. Their blog showcases their experiences as husband and wife as they venture into the realm of travelling, reveal undiscovered places, and give concise guides as to where you can find the world’s most magnificent places.

GQtrippin – Gerard and Kieu created a blog after their initials well except for Kieu but since it’s pronounced as Q, GQ was birthed. They are a newly engaged couple who share the same enthusiasm and fervour when it comes to food and travel. Together they invite you to hear more about the highs and lows of their travel adventures across the globe.

Green Traveler Guides – GTG is an award winning travel website that promotes eco-friendly travel. Here you’ll get the best advice on where to eat, where to stay, what to see and where to go in the safest and planet-friendly way to protect the Mother Nature.

Grounded Traveler – Andrew Couch is a certified homebody but just after his 30th birthday he decided to leave home and move to Germany. His move inspired him to travel all over Europe and this is what his blog is all about. He shares his experiences with his travels while at the same time manages to take beautiful photographs of the places he’s been to, shares his life as an expat and what it is like to be living in Germany.

Heather On Her Travels – Heather seeks to inspire travellers through her travel blog. Her blog will keep you updated with her travels (past, present and future), acquaint you with the people she met during her travels, introduce you to the sights and sounds of the places she’s been to and a lot more.

Helen’s Travel Corner – Helen Todd encourages travellers to tread the road less travelled in her blog. She created her blog to keep her family and friends abreast with her travels and to share her passion about travelling.

Hike Bike Travel – Leigh McAdam loves to travel that’s why she decided to put up a travel blog so she can document her adventures. She’s been to over fifty four countries and to all continents except for Antarctica. Her blog consists of personal travel experiences and she also shares her passion in biking and hiking, hence the name of the blog.

Hole In The Donut Travels – Barbara Weibel used to be an unhappy woman until she’s done some serious self-reflection. She realized only travelling can make her happy. Her blog is a testimony of how her life changed from dull to interesting as she lets us in on her journey around the globe.

Indie Traveler – Sara Benson writes travel books, online guides as well as mobile travel apps for well-known publishers. Her blog consists mainly of travel writing and photography.

JAYtography: Social Media and Travelogue – Jaypee David fervently shares his passion in photography, the arts, vacation destinations, leisure and his numerous travels in and around the Philippines with the goal to help local tourism.

Jet Set Girls – Hope Schmid and Annie Fritz founded this blog because of their love and need to get away and reconnect with their best girlfriends. Their blog’s main focus is girls’ getaway but they also cover fashion and beauty on a regular basis.

Kyle the Vagabond – Kyle does not think he deserves to be called a true vagabond and his only hope is that through his blog containing his travel adventures he can inspire readers to create explorations of their own, outside of their comfort zone and into the world.

La Tortuga Viajera – The name of the blog literally means the travelling turtle. It’s a travel and food blog that revolves around Spain and Spanish cuisine. Written by an American living in Madrid, she shares her journey through Spain, her favourite tourist spots and its culture and cuisine.

Life After Cubes – Jason Demant and Sharon Duckworth left their cubicle-confined jobs in 2009 to pursue their passion and to figure out what life is after leaving their cubicles. Their website is an archive of their travels including their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog – The Lifecruiser Travel Blog consists of amiable people who share a passion for travel, writing and photography. Their blog shares honest personal travel experiences, gives pieces of advice on their encounters, provides vivid photographs of the places they’ve been to and a lot more.

London Is Cool – The author who prefers to be addressed as the Wandering Scotsman now lives in London on a permanent basis. His fascination with the city brought him to blog about it. This blog chronicles his life and the adventures he’s come across with while living in the city.

Maiden Voyage Travel – Johnny Ward is a twenty-something travel enthusiast and lifestyle designer who has been to over ninety countries all over the world. His blog documents all the things he’s learned during his travels including travel tips, interviews, reviews, photos, destination highlights and so much more.

Mai Travel Site – Frederico offers money saving tips and unique insights in case you decide to hop on a bus/train/plane to venture into an adventure trip. His site is where he keeps most of his travel tools and his travel experiences from his journeys.

Manali & Terry – Manali and Terry are newlyweds who decide to trot the world together. Their blog chronicles the transformation of their lives from American cube-dwellers to world travellers.

Monkeys and Mountains – Laurel Robbins is an adventure travel blogger who loves to hike, dive and explore the world in the best way she can. She also adores mountains and monkeys hence the name of her blog. She talks about her passion and her exploits all throughout her blog.

No Debt World Travel – Brian Peters introduces you to a one-stop resource where all the information you could ever need can be found. His blog has everything you need to know and plan for your travel anywhere in the world including job information, travel tips and a lot more.

Nomadic Samuel – Samuel Jeffrey has been to over twenty six countries in total and because he’s been to so many places he decided to document his every travel. His blog consists of his travel photos and videos, his quirky travel stories and several photography tips for your entertainment.

No Place To Be – Poi and Kirsty have been travelling since August of 2010 and they pretty much explored most of South East Asia before they headed back to England. This blog was set up to document all of their adventures during their travel and they wish to share it with the world.

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site – Matt is a nomad who shares his thoughts and feelings about travel both the good and the bad. He writes to inspire readers that travel isn’t that expensive as he provides tips and pieces of advice on how to wander the globe on a budget.

Over Yonderlust – Shaun and Erica Kuschel are the founders of this travel website and they wish to invite you to join them as they take on the world head on. Their blog documents their unique travel experiences as this married couple take pictures of the world and share stories of what it has in store for them.

Pause The Moment – Liz and Ryan founded Pause the Moment, a travel and adventure blog, that wishes to inspire readers to get out of their comfort zone and experience the wonderful adventures that the world has to offer. Their blog specializes in producing high quality content that covers adventure travel, budget travel, luxury travel, travel advice, travel tips, travel photography and a whole lot more.

Planit NZ – Planit NZ is a blog contributed by a team who share a common passion for the most beautiful places in the world and hopes to impart this passion with each and every one. The blog offers readers the chance to research places in New Zealand both the northern and southern islands, basic travel planning information, fresh stories from fellow NZ traveller and gives ample itinerary suggestions to lead you to the right direction.

Pommie Travels – As soon as Pommie pursued her love for travel she decided to combiner her passion in writing, video, photography and travel into a blog which she set up in 2009. She hopes to offer inspiration to people who love to travel by providing them with fun and humorous articles about travels, travel tips and useful information for aspiring travel bloggers.

Professional Hobo – Nora Dunn shares her adventures and misadventures on the road since she started travelling in the earlier part of 2007. She updates her blog on a weekly basis and she gives tips on how to finance your travels in a sustainable way.

Round We Go – Ryan and Laura are living their dream by exploring the world. They dedicated the last ten years of their life discovering new places and all those years of experience and adventure have been archived in this inspiring blog.

Solitary Wanderer – Aleah has travelled far and wide in a young age. Her blog seeks to inspire readers to do the same and perhaps make it even more convenient for them by going through her experiences and the pieces of travel advice she has come to discover while she’s out on the road.

Solo Female Traveler – Sabina Lohr loves to travel the world solo. She’s been to a lot of places learning about exotic cultures and meeting new people and it is through these travels that she’s come to discover her favourite place in the world and that is the Middle East. She shares her experiences of her escapades in her blog mostly on her journeys to the Middle East.

Spunky Girl Monologues – Pamela is a travel writer and a photographer from Canada who has been to a lot of places all over the world. Her blog speaks of her experiences while on the road including sensible budget travel advice, travel tips and inspiring travel stories.

Start Backpacking provides readers with backpacking advice, destination advice, backpacking stories, ideas on travel insurance and a lot more. Their aim is to help you get out of your office cubicle (that is if you’re not happy) and venture into the world of vagabonding.

Study Abroad Blog – Nate Nault began writing The Study Abroad Blog just a few weeks before he left St. Andrews in 2009 and it didn’t take long before he’s found a way to help other students who are also planning on or are already studying abroad through his useful insights and advice about what it’s like to be living outside your comfort zone and studying in a different country.

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The Blonde Gypsy – Larissa also known as The Blonde Gypsy has been travelling her entire life but it was only until the last couple of years when the idea of blogging consumed her. Since then she’s been writing about her travel escapades and taking great pictures from her iPhone.

The Travel Chica – Stephanie writes about independent travel in her attempt to live a simpler life. In her blog she introduces readers to new places and experiences and hopes that through her insights she could inspire you to go out and explore the world the same way as she has.

Todd’s Wanderings – Todd left home 11 years ago and since then he has lived abroad for the most part of his life visiting places all around the globe. His blog is where he writes his thoughts, experiences and advice and he draws his inspiration from the places he visits.

Trail Of Ants – Ant Stone birthed Trail of Ants to showcase his journeys all over the world interjecting convenient travel tips and advice as well as inspiring quotes to encourage readers to travel. The blog is centred on his emotions and opinions about travel.

Trail of Asia – Trail of Asia was founded by Elaine Chung, a passionate traveller who has been to big cities all over the world. She is currently on the look-out for other passionate bloggers and photographers who are willing to share travel advice and experiences through guest blogging. Her main focus is on Asia but it is not limited to Asia alone.

Travel Go Girl – Go Girl is a community of over six thousand women from all around the globe and each one tells of unique stories and travel advice from the places they’ve been. Go Girl is a community that connects women belonging to a hundred and ten countries and it is through this creative networking that makes this blog a great hit!

Travel O Cafe – Laura and Cipri see travelling as food for the soul because it enriches people. Their blog highlights travelling as a learning experience in both world comprehension and self-discovery.

Traveling Philosopher – Spence is a travel writer and he also likes to think of himself as a philosopher. Traveling Philosopher is a mix of both and in here you’ll get to witness a lot of travel writing as Spence is a travel junkie and in every place he visits he writes about his experiences and his philosophy about it.

Traveling Savage – In Traveling Savage Keith shares useful information about his meaningful experiences and adventures in Scotland. It includes travel tips, travel narratives, list of activities, books, inspirational photos and reviews of Scotland’s accommodations.

The Travelling Editor – Dylan is a budget traveller and a backpacker who has always loved to travel the world and travel was what he did. His blog shares inspiring stories, advice and tips on how to travel economically and how to enjoy vacationing with frugality.

TravelPro – Carl Dombeck made use of his broad knowledge on travel and leisure by putting up a blog that provides convenient travel tips highlighting hotel accommodations, restaurants and a lot of other things to expect during travels.

Travel Wonders of the World – Mark is a traveller and has been to over eighty countries! He wrote this blog to document the memories he’s had with his travel destinations and places he regards as travel wonders of the world. He’s also a photographer and he writes and takes pictures to inspire others to travel on their own.

Two Backpackers – It was in 2010 when Jason Castellani and Aracely Santos Castellani first travelled as a couple together. It was paradise for the both of them after they’ve travelled through most of Central and South America. Since then they’ve been travelling non-stop taking photographs, accumulating travel tips and listing down travel destinations to let people know that exploring cities and embarking on a new journey can bring nothing but great joy.

Uncornered Market – Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are husband and wife and both share the same passion for travelling, storytelling and photography. Their blog is an assortment of videos, audio casts, epic stories and photographs that archive their world travels.

Vagabonding Life – Greg Rodgers, a self-confessed vagabond, shares his new found path towards happiness and that is to travel. He’s on a mission to share his life as a vagabond to show people what it’s like to be always on the road and not have a permanent home.

Wanderlass Travels – This website is about a lass who managed to awaken her dormant passion for travelling. She lives to travel and travel was what she did on a quest to live a life out of the ordinary. After fulfilling her ultimate dream she decided to write it down to remind people that life is so much more than excelling in school or getting a stable job.

Wanders of the World – Brendan is an ardent traveller and an aspiring writer who aims to explore the world. His blog serves an inspiration for those who share the same interests as he does and that includes travel, imagination, culture and life.

Weekend Haven – Valerie and her husband seek to inspire travellers through their blog which chronicles their travel experiences and their backpacking adventures and misadventures. Valerie is mostly responsible for the writing while her husband remains behind the lens.

Wild Junket – WildJunket has been around since 2003. The team responsible for its success is immensely passionate about independent travel, languages, food and outdoor adventures. They’ve spent years backpacking and conquering the world and they wrote their experiences to inspire people to travel.

The Working Traveller – Deirdre Higgins and Shane Donovan teach travellers how to finance a trip and how to stay wherever they want to be for an extended period of time by working overseas. Their website includes travel blooding and social media applications because they see these as essentials to modern-day travelling.

Where the Hell is Rory? – Rory is a local Charlottean who has gone international. He left home in August 2011 to fulfil his dream of traveling the world. This blog serves as a living proof documenting his travel experiences and photography. He also shares personal stories as well as travel advice in the hopes of inspiring others to travel.