Lifeventure Waterproof Body Wallet Review

When it comes to travelling, one of the most challenging parts is how you would keep your valuable items close to you. You don’t want to carry a bulky bag all the time and you also wouldn’t want to be separated from pertinent items like passport, money and everything in between. I already had a fair share of failed trips just because of not having the appropriate packet.

On the positive side, I already found the perfect kit for me. It’s none other than the Lifeventure waterproof body wallet. It looks small but amazingly, it can be stuffed by different items. I also love how it fits me and now, every family member owns at least one of this!

Item features

Modern style with modern usage

I would first want to highlight the simple yet modern, low profile design of this item. The overall design and cut are both impeccable and I love how its roll top pocket works. It is mainly intended for tickets, passport and money and for me; the Lifeventure waterproof body wallet was able to perform its main duties. The elastic waist belt can be adjusted easily. Now that’s a plus especially if you’re currently sharing this item with someone else. The waits belt also comes with a durable slimline buckle. Such design is a bright idea especially that antiheroes are everywhere.

The ultra-soft lining is yet another feature I want to stress out. I myself have a sensitive skin and it’s not rare for me to gain rashes when wearing belts and waist pockets closely to my skin. Amazingly, the Lifeventure waterproof body wallet doesn’t give any rashes – not a single trace of it. It feels really comfortable and yes, the ultra-soft lining is literally soft.

Technical aspect

The fact that this product is under Lifeventure, that’s already a coat of assurance that you’re purchasing a high quality product. Aside from that, the Lifeventure waterproof body wallet is also equipped with extra useful features and specifications. It is made from water-resistant material that spares your belongings from getting wet immediately. At this point, the roll top entry is in the picture again. It’s not only created for sleek design but also for immediate and long-term protection for your valuables. Now that’s nifty!

Aside from the sizable main pocket, which has dimensions of 290x130x5 mm, this product also has a small zip pocket in front. Now that’s just perfect for loose coins. You can also fit in a useful Swiss knife in case you’re travelling outdoors.

Where it can be improved

Although the Lifeventure waterproof body wallet is already water-resistant, it’s still better if it’s fully waterproof. If you’re using this on outdoor travelling and trekking like me, you would wish the same thing as you never know when it will rain. Not much of a complaint this time, just a simple wish of a simple traveler who loves everything about this product.

Product variations

Lifeventure Body Wallet Chest Pack
Lifeventure Body Wallet Dripouch Chest
Lifeventure Body Wallet Waist Multi Pocket


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Overall review

I have used this product countless times already and I can say its one sturdy body wallet. It was able to sustain different outdoor weather and after using it for long hours, it remained snug and perfectly fit. At a retail price of around £10, there’s no stress in acquiring such high quality product like this. Whatever type of trip you’re having, the Lifeventure waterproof body wallet is highly recommended and a must have for every adventurer!


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