Lifeventure Travel Towel Review

Although many hotels and hostels include a towel in their rate, more often than not they don’t. Even if they do, wouldn’t it be better to use your own?

If you travel with a backpack of around 60l such as the Berghaus Jalan, having a full sized towel is going to take up a lot of space. Lifeventure do some great travel products and one of their best is the travel towels.

Lifeventure Soft-Fibre Trek Towel Extra Large - BLUE

Reasons to take a Travel Towel?

Why do we recommend travel towels? They are light, compact and quick dry; they are perfect for travelling and backpacking.

The towels weigh next to nothing and that’s due to their size. Folded up into their pack my travel towel is half the thickness and 1/6th smaller in width and length to my standard towel. The most effective feature is the fact that they are quick dry. Imagine waking up at your hostel at 9am with a 10am checkout. You rush to get a shower before you leave and now you have a soggy towel. Luckily travel towels are quick dry and with a quick ringing it’s good to go in your backpack.

Types of Travel Towel

Lifeventure do two sorts of travel towels: Soft-Fibre and Micro-Fibre. Soft Fibre Travel Towels are thinner and lighter but the Micro Fibre Travel Towels have more of a towel ‘feel’ to it. Depends on whether you want to balance home comfort vs. weight and size.

Travel Towels for Men

For men an Extra Large towel will be sufficient (a large won’t fit round your waist) and you can get the Soft-Fibreclip_image001and Micro-Fibreclip_image001[1]options.

Travel Towels for Women

For the ladies, a giant towel in Soft-Fibre or Micro-Fibre would be best to properly cover your modesty and a medium for your hair. They even do this towel in pink for ladies that way inclined!

Travel Towel Bonus


As an added bonus here is an extra travel tip. Rather than using your travel towel or carrying round a large beach towel consider investing in a cheap sarong for the beach. These take up no space at all, are lightweight and perfect for lying on at the beach and a quick dry before your leave.

Travel Towels get the Gap Year Escape seal of approval.

Lifeventure Travel Towel Review
Travel Towels get the Gap Year Escape seal of approval. Great for long term travellers and backpackers.
Written by: Amar Hussain
Lifeventure Travel Towel
Date published: 03/02/2012
5 / 5 stars
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    […] some great travel products and one of their best is the travel towels. Light, compact and quick dry, they are perfect for travelling. Lifeventure do two sorts of travel […]

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