LifeVenture Sleeplight 750, 1100, 1450 Sleeping Bag Review

With about 4 years of travelling experience would you believe that I only focused on exploring cold areas? You read that right. I travelled around the globe just to check the difference from one cold place to another. Luckily, I have a couple of friends who are always willing to play with the fog and snow. But recently, I told myself I should check the warm forests and deserts as well. I knew this is a fun idea hence, I headed straight to the shopping mall and purchases a sleeping bag fit for warm weather.

What I purchased was the LifeVenture Sleeplight Sleeping Bag. It is simply amazing and how I wish that for the past 4 years, I used this type of sleeping bag, only for cold weather. It has all the specifications that I badly wished my other sleeping bag had, and more!

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Product features

Main specs I really love

When purchasing any travelling gear, I would always opt for those that are lightweight but seems durable. I often bring lots of belongings hence, light weight items are of great help. With my LifeVenture Sleeplight Sleeping Bag, such feature is met. It weighs about 1100 grams and has a dimension of 80 x 210 x 65 cm, now that is a great plus for me. Its ripstop outer shell which is made from nylon is fairly light weight too.

I also want to highlight the zippers and pockets of this item. Technically, not all sleeping bags acquire pockets but this one has 3 of them. It has 2 hidden security pockets on the inside of the bag where you can hide valuable things effectively, and one outside pocket for items that you want to access every now and then. It comes with a glow in the dark zip puller which is of great help especially when the tent is totally dark and there’s no moon to shed some light.

Unique aspects

The LifeVenture Sleeplight Sleeping Bag is basically filled with micro-polyester and Tactel nylon and it acquires a high quality ThermaFibre insulation – now that’s perfect for a hot night’s sleep. You also don’t have to worry about sweating at night because the temperature of this product is well-regulated. It is treated with an EX3 triple layer protection that spares you from all sorts of bacteria and even bacterial infection. You read that right; there is a sleeping bag that discourages insects and bacteria from residing and spreading in the bag. The unique treatment also shoo mosquitoes and insects of all kind.

There’s more

The compression stuff bag which comes with every purchase of the LifeVenture Sleeplight Sleeping Bag is waterproof, and it can also be blown up. You can also fill it with clothes and towels and use it as a pillow. Now that’s something not all sleeping bags acquire. This item also conforms to the EN13537 standard.

Where it can be improved

After using this for a couple of times already, I still haven’t found any negative points. It appears like it’s a perfect sleeping bag a traveler could ever have – literally. Although of course, no single item is flawless, you might find the negative aspect yourself but for me, this is a premium sleeping bag every traveler should have.

Product variations

LifeVenture Sleeplight 750
LifeVenture Sleeplight 1100
LifeVenture Sleeplight 1450

LifeVenture Downlight Sleeping Bags
LifeVenture Hammock

Overall review

A big YES for the LifeVenture Sleeplight Sleeping Bag! I love all the features it has and I know it will last me for a long time. Among all sleeping bags have ever had, although all of them are designed for cold weather, I can really say that this is one of the best sleeping items I have bought. I admire the quality of the product and the company’s dedication to provide only the best of the best.


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