LifeVenture Expedition Cotton Sleeper Review

Have you ever tried travelling in the mountains, sleeping in a tent and enduring the super cold weather? If not then trust me, you don’t want to try it. Some people find the idea challenging and interesting but once you’re there, you would simply wish you could get home immediately. I had a fair share of this experience back in my amateur months of travelling and mountain trekking. I was well equipped with tents and sleeping bags but I totally forgot to bring a cotton sleeper! Due to that, I had to endure 3 nights of sleeping in a really cold weather.

So the next part in the story was when I purchase my cotton sleeper. It was a LifeVenture Expedition Cotton Sleeper and I was really happy I opted for it. I have used it twice already, the first one was when I explored the arctic wonders, and so far, it’s simply the best for me.

Item features

Higher level of sturdiness

When talking about the usual sleeping bags, they’re all expected to be sturdy and at the same time comfortable. With cotton sleeper, you should expect the same thing. The LifeVenture Expedition Cotton Sleeper I purchased perfectly resembles comfort and sturdiness. The rolled, double stitch seams will ensure that the sleeper won’t give out easily. Because this item will be integrated with a sleeping bag, the durability is quite important, especially that a sleeping bag is fluffier than sleepers like this. The LifeVenture Expedition Cotton Sleeper is also specially designed and inspired with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award hence, there’s a guarantee that everything about this item is on the positive side.


Even though I consider myself as an explorer, I’m still very particular with dirt and microbes. Good thing I found a high quality item, that ensures I’ll be far from any form of bacteria. The LifeVenture Expedition Cotton Sleeper is specially treated with polygiene antibacterial treatment. This discourages the bacteria, parasites and anything alike to reside and multiply in the sleeper. This means you’re sleeping bag is also at safe hands. With LifeVenture Expedition Cotton Sleeper, you can sleep soundly without dealing with sudden itching, stinging feel from small, crawling insects, and other unwanted possibilities brought by bacteria from the wild.

Small but important aspects

I would also want to command the storage of this item. It comes with a ripstop stuff sack hence, you can easily pack and unpack it anytime, anywhere; and because the sack is ripstop, it’s not only the item itself is that sturdy but also its sack. It also has hidden a hidden pocket for keeping your valuable items.

Where it can be improved

As fast as I’m concerned I don’t have any regrets and “how I wish” thoughts with this item. Just a couple of tips though, LifeVenture  offers a wide array of sleepers and other sleeping gears hence, better double-check the item if it’s really the LifeVenture Expedition Cotton Sleeper. You may also want to save up a little cause this item can get a bit pricey sometimes. Apart from that, this is something you should really check.

Product variations

Lifeventure Ex3 Silk Mummy Sleeper
LifeVenture AXP Silk/Cotton Sleepers
LifeVenture EX3 Silk Sleepers



Final verdict

Yes and yes! The LifeVenture Expedition Cotton Sleeper is indeed worth the investment. It has all the specs I’m looking for and it’s very comfortable to use. Just warm enough to help me sleep soundly. I also love the fact that it has special futures that discourage bacteria to multiply in it. Now I can sleep in the wild would any trouble. No worries about ripping, discomfort and bacteria concerns of any kind – what else will you ask for?


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