LifeVenture EX3 Silk Rectangular Travel Sleeper Review

When it comes to travelling in the wild, it’s always better if you’ll have a long trip where sleeping and camping out is involved. Of course, this always starts with short trips where you wait for sunset and then walk back home. But after those instances, you’ll surely look for more excitement. Just one handy tip guys – once you start with your longer outdoor journey, be sure you have everything you need and more. You just have no idea how annoying and disturbing it can get if you’re missing a couple of pertinent items.

This is where my latest discovery enters the picture – the LifeVenture EX3 Silk Rectangular Travel Sleeper. My previous sleeper gave out a couple of months ago and since I already had a fair experience of sleeping with less gears, I knew I had to replace my sleeper immediately.

Features and specifications

EX3 protection layer

When talking about outdoor journey, you should broaden your mind to what you can and might expect. You may see different sorts of insects in your backyard but when camping out, even if you’re in a tent, you’ll still be visited by all sorts of insects and bacteria in the smallest forms. Good thing the LifeVenture EX3 Silk Rectangular Travel Sleeper has a special kind of layer protection that ensures I can sleep sound without any disturbance from those itch-causing insects.

This product is treated with a special EX3 triple later protection that discourages the insects to reside and even multiply in the sleeper. It is also coated with a special mosquito repellant and it acts as a barrier against different bugs like bed bugs.

Exterior and packing

Now onto the exterior and the packing; I love the fact that even though this is just a small item, it is still made with the finest materials. It’s made from 100% silk that you can use alongside your sleeping bag or use it as is. It’s also built with sturdy, rolled and double-stitched seams for a higher level of durability. Available in two designs, the mummy and the rectangle, you can easily choose the right size and design for you.

The LifeVenture EX3 Silk Rectangular Travel Sleeper also comes with a hidden pocket where you can securely keep pertinent items like money, passports and tickets, a small Swiss knife, or anything important that you need to access every now and then. Last on the list would be the ripstop sack this item comes with. Now you don’t have to worry about sudden ripping and tearing.

Where it can be improved

On the drawback side, which all products acquire, I just wish this LifeVenture EX3 Silk Rectangular Travel Sleeper is a little bit thicker. Just to give you a brief idea, it resembles one sheet that is sown up to prevent the edges from weakening immediately. Hence, if you’re looking for a thicker or at least a double-layered sleeper, you may want to look around.

Product variations

Lifeventure AXP Cotton Sleepers
Lifeventure EX³ Cotton Sleepers
Lifeventure Downlight Sleeping Bags



Final verdict

As far as I’m concerned, I can say the LifeVenture EX3 Silk Rectangular Travel Sleeper is worth your investment. Not all sleepers acquire its specs and features and I’m so glad I was able to bump on this item when I was shopping out. It’s something I would really recommend to my friends and travel buddies. Now I don’t have to worry about bugs anymore; and I’m also saved from sudden ripping common in sleepers.


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