Lichfield Explorer Rucksack

Lichfield Explorer Rucksack is one of the backpack on Amazon that caught my attention. Lichfield Explorer Rucksack got good reviews and high star ratings. This is why I thought I have to recommend it to you as well. Having good reviews from customers while remaining very affordable, Lichfield Explorer Rucksack must be a really good rucksack to buy. Here are its features:

Lichfield Explorer 60+10 Rucksack


Lichfield Explorer Rucksack is made of textured polyester body fabric and was built is a dense weave construction to maximize durability and strength. It uses a rip-stop fabric to make sure that it won’t easily tear apart despite vigorous activities. It uses a back system that allows you to adjust the size to suit the user perfectly. This means that anyone can enjoy Lichfield Explorer Rucksack.

Its shoulder harness is shaped  well for maximum comfort and it is also adjustable to fit the user comfortably. Lichfield Explorer Rucksack features air mesh on body contact points to avoid feeling uncomfortable or sticky. Lichfield Explorer Rucksack allows maximum ventilation to flow even when the backpack is closely carried on the user’s back.

Lichfield Explorer 60+10 Rucksack

Lichfield Explorer Rucksack‘s hipbelt is ergonomic and intentionally designed to provide comfort while carrying the backpack’s load. The backpack has top load access and a zipped base compartment. The main compartment has a divider creating two convenient compartments that allows you to pack your things conveniently or separate your clean and dirty things from each other when heading home. Lichfield Explorer Rucksack has a top lid w/ a zippered pocket and an elasticated reflective bungee.

Lichfield Explorer Rucksack includes expansion side pockets for maximum storage and compression straps for optimum stability when carrying the backpack. Lichfield Explorer Rucksack is also hydration compatible.  Lichfield Explorer Rucksack has teo lower mesh pockets on the side where you can put your things that you want to access easily. It also includes a twin ice axe or walking pole attachment points for maximum enjoyment and security in your activities.

Lichfield Explorer Rucksack has a daisy chain on the front where you can attach your little but important stuff. It also has a haul handle for easy carrying. Lichfield Explorer Rucksack is basically one of the best rucksack there is. It has all that you need inside a rucksack so I can say that you should give it a try.

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