Learn to Surf: Mojosurf Camp Review

Who wants to learn to surf? As part of the East Coast Surf series I went along to check out Mojosurf and see what these guys have to offer.

Mojosurf operates in four locations on the East Coast of Australia; Sydney, Crescent Head, Spot X (Arrawarra) and Byron Bay. I spent five days at the Crescent Head surf camp which is set amongst picturesque coastal scenery. The area is soon to be classed as a National Park.

The journey from Sydney to Crescent Head takes about six hours. You’d want to travel comfortably right? Mojosurf really have that covered with the most comfortable transport on wheels I have ever ridden in.

When we pulled up to the beach house we were greeted by the friendly Kim, the head instructor. Now Kim, for me, embodies what I always pictured an Aussie surfer to be like. He has a thick accent, extroverted, laid back, always up for a laugh and most randomly of all the guy uses a gym rope as a belt. The guy is just cool!

The Beach house accommodation is set a short walk from the beach and is dorm style accommodation ranging from six to twelve beds. The accommodation is comfortable and the hammocks are a nice touch. The only downside that I could see was that hot water is generated by solar power. All you green travellers out there might appreciate that but for the less conscientious is does mean no hot showers before 5pm and if you are the last back in the evening you might have to have a cold shower. Personally I’d say man up, you’re being environmentally friendly.

The surf at Crescent Head is great for beginners. Lessons tend to last approximately two hours each and you will surf twice a day on non travelling days. The lesson groups are 20 each and the Crescent Head Surf Camp holds 60 people. This may seem like a lot, and compared to smaller surf schools it is, but Mojosurf has more surf instructors per head then I have seen and it’s more than the legal requirement. Mojosurf also has a great clothing range that can be bought with a photo package. I’m rather in love with my Mojosurf hoody. The staff photographer takes some great shots and it’s good value for money.

When you are doing this much exercise, nutrition is very important. Mojosurf puts on a great spread and I can promise you’ll never go hungry. As a vegetarian I can find it difficult on tours. Not because a tour company doesn’t provide the right food but because non-vegetarians can sometimes not think and eat the veggie food too, leaving you with nothing to eat. At a Mojosurf Camp vegetarians and those with specific dietary requirements collect their meals first. Personally I think this is a genius idea! If you do have any dietary requirements Mojosurf are rather good at accommodating you. One backpacker, affectionately known as “allergic to everything girl” was still catered for. I thought I was a fussy eater.

Mojosurf’s defining feature happens to actually be the nightlife. After dinner and the small matter of who cleans up (settled by a giant game of Jenga), everyone heads down to the ‘Humpy’. Why it’s called the Humpy is anyone’s guess. It’s a camp fire, wooden seating and a sound system that’s been built out of a bin. Sounds crazy and it is a little bit but it’s rather a lot of fun. It’s set in between the beach and the accommodation. Best thing is that it’s away from everything so that you can make as much noise as you like without disturbing anyone who’s trying to sleep.

So is this tour for you? If you want to learn to surf, definitely. If you want to have lots of fun outside lessons too, hell yes. If you want to surf hard and party harder Mojosurf is the right choice for you. Mojosurf caters more for the youth market. The general age ranged from 18 – 25 but most was in the 18 – 21 bracket (college leavers or gap year kids). As it’s a large and busy camp it suits more of the extroverted personality rather than a wall flower. One other thing worthy of note is that the camp seems to attract beautiful Scandinavian people. Just saying.

On the whole the Surf Camp is great. The food is top notch, instructors are fantastic (almost all of them compete professionally) and the nightlife is great fun. Aside from the occasional cold shower the only other thing to consider is price. As five day tours go the Mojosurf camp is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors but I would say that the additional cost is marginal compared to the experience and I would honestly say you get what you pay for. Check Mojosurf out!

This tour was sponsored by Mojosurf. Photography courtesy of Mojosurf.

  • Surfer Boi
    Posted at 09:28h, 23 July

    As a surfer I really liked this blog. Love the pictures and I’d love to surf at Cresent Head.

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