Lafume Mont Blanc Backpack

Choosing a bad backpack is like using a pair of shoes with incorrect size. You just can’t simply use any backpack and deal with what it provides. You should pick a backpack that suits your activities best. This is why I am making lots and lots of reviews and overviews of backpacks to help you decide with what to buy. Today let me discuss to you all about Lafuma Mont Blanc Backpack.

Lafuma Mont Blanc Backpack, 50+10 lt


Lafume Mont Blanc Backpack is one of the recommended backpacks I have for intense activities such as trekking and hiking. You can use it as your travel backpack to secure your belongings and it can also last through long hikes and trekking. it has waterproof gusset and it also has a room for your water bottle and outlet pipe. Basically, it is really intended for hikers and campers. It has a bottom access and likewise has a volume separator.

Your things will all be safe and secured because of its numerous compartments. It has a camera pocket and document pocket with flap and it also has an elastic drawstring meant for holding equipment on the camera pocket. The pockets included are the side pockets with gusset and the mesh side pockets.

It has side handle, compression strap, a pole holder and adjustable lid. Its ergonomic shoulder straps have gel insert for a more comfortable carrying experience. It has chest strap and hand rest to make the user very comfortable. Its belt has pockets that can be zipped and it also includes a removable rain cover. There are also straps at the bottom that are completely adjustable.

All in all Lafuma Mont Blanc Backpack weighs 2.2 kg and can carry a maximum capacity of 50 litres. Its package contains the Lafume Mont Blanc Backpack 50 litres and a 10 litres backpack that you can use as your daybag.

Lafuma Mont Blanc Backpack, 50+10 lt

Product variations

Lafuma Mont Blanc Backpack, 50+10 lt

Lafuma Mont Blanc Backpack, 60+10 lt

Final Thoughts

Lafuma Mont Blanc Backpack is one good choice for a trekking backpack. It basically has all the important features that you might be looking for in a backpack plus added more features. It has lots of compartments and pockets that you can totally use to separate your things. It is really one of the most convenient, comfortable, and practical backpack that you can ever encounter. Check it out on Amazon.

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