Karrimor Traveller Supa Walking Shoes Review

Finding a handy pair of shoes can be a challenge, especially if you’re a thrifty person like me. I’ve been looking for a pair that is flexible enough in terms of appearance, which means I can use it for regular walking and also for hitting the mall or even at work. As much as possible, I would also want a pair that I know will last me long. I have a fair share of bad experiences with walking shoes and one pair even lasted for only 2 months. This time, I knew I have to be more meticulous when shopping.

To ease my mind, my wife suggested that I start searching online. No doubt, the internet is an ocean of information and through it; I discovered the Karrimor Traveller Supa walking shoes. The name sounds ordinary but believe me; you’ll be amazed once you’ve used it.

Product features

Outside looks

Just like the name, the appearance of these shoes also look ordinary; but if you’ll look closely, you’ll notice how craftsmanship takes place. The stitches are carefully made and unlike other shoes, the seams are simply perfect. Its upper material is a combination of suede and mesh. This is quite efficient in keeping your feet cozy. Mesh is also of great help in lessening the chances of having heavy shoes and maintaining a cool feel.

On the opposite side, the outermost sole is equipped with efficient grip details to prevent you from slipping even on muddy paths. The Supa outsole is the main highlight of the Karrimor Traveller Supa walking shoes. Aside from that, it is also combined with a Phylon midsole, giving extra durability for the shoes.

Comfort, design and everything in between

What I love the most about this pair is that it doesn’t focus on appearance only, unlike the other shoes I’ve bought. The Karrimor Traveller Supa walking shoes is actually warm inside but doesn’t cause my feet to sweat. I believe the wicker mesh lining has something to do with this. Its lace-up fastening system is yet another factor that I should stress out. Said from the fact that it’s easier to secure, it also gives that rustic, manly style.

I have tried wearing this for more than 20 hours a day, without taking it off, for about 3 consecutive days. Everything went really well. The fabric lining was pretty comfortable and I didn’t have any worries about it. That’s a big plus especially for a busy person like who sometimes don’t have enough time to change attire.

Where it can be improved

Yes, the Karrimor Traveller Supa walking shoes looks and feels flawless, but I still have one concern. I wish this is a waterproof pair. The tongue is well-secured and light rain won’t cause dilemma. However if you get caught under hard rain, expect your socks and feet to be damp and wet.

Product variations

Karrimor Unisex Traveller Walking Trainer
Karrimor Men’s Traveller Supa 2 Trekking and Hiking Shoes
Karrimor Men’s Bodmin Ii Mid Weathertite Light Mink Walking Boot


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Final verdict

At a retail price of £60-£80, I can say the Karrimor Traveller Supa walking shoes is still a great buy. After all, other shoes out there also have their own flaws. What’s great about this is that it’s stuffed with a combination of high quality materials, detailed craftsmanship and overall durability. What else will you ask for? Indeed, this Karrimor pair is something that every family member should have. With its flexibility, your money will definitely have its worth. I myself have worn it many times already in outdoor travels, weekend walks and even working days and all I can say is that I’m really glad I opted for it.


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