Karrimor Orkney Rucksack Review

Whether your main concern is fashion or the comfort and efficiency of a rucksack, the Karrimor Orkney Rucksack is perfect for you. It took me about a week to determine which bag I’ll purchase for my Paris trip. Although the place is not much of nature and outdoor scenes, there are hidden spots in Paris that are in the middle of Mother Earth.

Hence, to ensure that I enjoy the whole trip, which I don’t get often, I decided to purchase a rucksack, and Karrimor was not a wrong choice. It’s not only fashionable and perfect for both genders but it also possesses all the features I need and more!

Item specifications

Technological aspect

Water – one of the most important items every traveler should never run out of. To start this review off, I’d like to highlight and stress out that the Karrimor Orkney Rucksack is hydration system compatible. Purchase the biggest water bladder available and simply slip it in the water system of this item. There you go! You can say goodbye to those big and bulky water bottles.

It also has an SA or size adjustable back system that allows you to make minor changes on the back’s height. This way, you don’t have to feel like you’re small body is carrying a tall and enormous backpack. It also adds comfort and enables you to fit the bag to your body shape. The adjustment can be done in easy steps and it distributes the bag’s weight properly, sparing you from feeling extreme heaviness especially when the rucksack is full.

Item’s design

Technically, the bag’s design is also important, regardless if you’re fashionable or not. I simply love the draw cord main compartment which makes this bag unique from other brands. It also has a zipper within the lid for maximum security. Aside from that, there’s also a base compartment where you can pack sleeping paraphernalia or your used clothes. The bag is made up with mesh wand pockets and zippered side pockets that you can use for loose coins or gears that need to be accessed easily.

Karrimor Orkney Rucksack acquires an adjustable chest strap that makes the bag fit on you tightly and perfectly. That is with the assistance of the adjustable padded waist belt. Apart from that, the shoulder straps are also adjustable; now you can almost do major customization with this item and you didn’t have to spend extra cash for that!

Where it can be improved

Honestly, I really wish that the Karrimor Orkney Rucksack has a lifetime warranty. This feature is a great help for trekkers to maintain the good condition of their rucksacks. It’s also a saver just in case the item got damaged while in it’s in the process of delivery. However, since it’s not under such warranty, the only thing we can do is be more extra careful to extend the life of this rucksack.

Product variations

Karrimor Munro 65
Karrimor Bobcat 65
Karrimor Skido 65



Final say

Oh yeah, this item should be on your “to purchase” list! With a regular price of £80, this is something very affordable compared to other similar rucksacks that don’t even acquire all features that the Karrimor Orkney Rucksack has. Aside from the technological aspect, the typical specs are also at the highest quality, which is why I completely trust this brand from now on. Better give it a try and you never know, maybe this will work perfectly for you as well, just like how it did to me.


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