Karrimor Munro Rucksack Review

Finding a lady’s traveling rucksack can be difficult. Compared to men, whose various types of rucksacks are available all-year-round, ladies have to deal with limited designs and brands available in the market. Not only that, there are also instances when such rucksacks are not available. This is the main reason why I ended up purchasing online. Because the internet is an enormous shopping mall for me, I did not hesitate to buy my next travel buddy after the first one graduated a few months ago.

A couple of hours of searching online led me to the Karrimor Munro Rucksack. In just a snap, I immediately fell in love with its color – pink; although you also got blue and charcoal shades to choose from. Without even checking the gender specification of this item I purchased it instantly, and it was not a wrong decision.

Features and specifications

What should be highlighted

Although I haven’t used this rucksack for a long time, I already found a long list of features and specifications that every traveler will surely love. First on the list would be the SA back system. This is the main reason why carriers experience a high level of comfort with the Karrimor Munro Rucksack no matter how overstuffed and heavy it is. The back system is basically a combination of pads, foams, mesh and other materials that allow you to stay cool and light throughout your journey.

It also features a base compartment that you can use to separate dirty clothing. the front panel acquires a bungee cord that is quite vital for most trekkers and hikers out there, but aside from that, you also got the ice, axe and walking pole attachment points that assist you in carrying these bulky and hard-to-keep-away items.

More about the system

The hydration system of the Karrimor Munro Rucksack should also be mentioned. Most backpacks are expected to be hydration compatible especially those that are meant for travelling, however, not all of them can carry a water bladder that allows you to drink easily. With this model from Karrimor, water will always be at your fingertips.

This item acquires wand pockets for small items like Swiss knife, shades or extra gloves. Apart from that it also has two, separate zippered pockets and 2 more side pockets. That sounds a lot of compartment area but once you use this, you’ll realize that every pocket really is useful.

There’s more 

Yes, there’s more that the Karrimor Munro Rucksack can offer. The main compartment has adjustable clip fasteners and compression straps that ensure the bag will fit snug tight on the carrier. It also keeps the entire bag in perfect shape. Furthermore, such product also has its own rain cover and its 1 lid pocket comes quite handy especially for items like raincoats.

Where it can be improved

I’m just a bit concerned about the built of this item. Although it’s obviously strong and sturdy, the part with zippers doesn’t look the same. It’s wise to re-sew the zippers to ensure it won’t give out easily. You should also acknowledge that the bag is not fully protected from rippage hence, be prepared for that. Aside from these, the Karrimor Munro Rucksack seems like a wonder item.

Product variations

Karrimor Panther
Karrimor Cougar
Karrimor Sabre

Final verdict

With all these beneficial features and the fact that Karrimor is known to producing high quality items in the market, there’s no reason for you to doubt the Karrimor Munro. No it’s not perfect but that’s just similar with other rucksacks; the game starts at the features and the price. With a regular rate of £100 this is the type of item you really need to think about.


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