Karrimor Munro 65 Rucksack Review

A couple of friends invited me for their week-long trip. The place is not really far and for a traveler like me, it’s nothing new; but the enjoyment of travelling with childhood friends is what I’m after. I immediately looked for a durable rucksack since my old one has problematic zippers already. I wanted to stick to brand I know and Karrimor it is. Luckily, I immediately found the one – the Karrimor Munro 65 Rucksack. It has everything I need and it’s quite affordable. The trip was about 2 days after I bought the rucksack and I didn’t have the chance to check it thoroughly. Good thing it did not fail to work properly and there was not a single damage!

Product features

Design and blueprint

I want to command how the product was built. I’m very meticulous on the design and the cutting since I have purchased many rucksacks that don’t function the way they’re supposed to because of the wrong cutting. With the Karrimor Munro 65 Rucksack, everything is perfect. The main compartment is quite spacious and I didn’t experience difficulties accessing it, which if often do with other rucksacks. It comes with two adjustable clip fasteners that spare to entire rucksack from looking bulky.

I also want to highlight the 2 slip side pockets and 2 zippered side pockets. These small compartments come very handy whether you’re hiking, camping out or even travelling in a plane. They’re just the right size and even though the main compartment is already full, slipping your hand in these pockets is not a problem – again this is because of the cutting. The Karrimor Munro 65 Rucksack also comes with 1 lid pocket and wand pockets.

Product system

Aside from the compartments, it’s also important to check if the rucksack will really work for you. In my case, I’m an avid traveler and I would want something that has a slot for my tools. With Karrimor Murno, I have walking pole and ice axe attachment point. The front panel is also equipped with a bungee cord used in diversified ways. At the bottom most part is the base compartment, where I usually place my used clothes. Since this is hydration compatible, I can say its one ideal rucksack for me.

This product comes with its own rain cover and it is designed with an SA back system for a likable level of comfort, less back sweat feeling almost no weight on your back. Weighing about 1700g and having a capacity of 65L, this rucksack is worth the buy.

Where it can be improved

To be honest, I still haven’t found a negative aspect of this item. It has all essential compartments, pockets and slots; it comes with its own rain cover and is hydration compatible. The size is just perfect and the capacity is enough – really, there’s nothing else I can ask. Perhaps I should just give you a couple of tips, and one would be to ensure all pockets and slots are manufactured correctly. Most rucksacks have their problems with these areas. Also check if the zippers are as tight and sturdy as they should.

Product variations

Karrimor Bobcat 65 Rucksack
Karrimor Skido 65 Rucksack
Karrimor Wildcat 65 Rucksack

Overall say

Indeed, I was right when I bought the Karrimor Munro 65 Rucksack. Again, the brand proved that they are very dedicated in providing the best for their avid consumers, and at affordable rate. For this rucksack particularly, it’s available online at about £40-£100, depending on which store your purchase.


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