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Buying a backpack is easy but choosing the best one can be a little difficult. So here is a little something to help you decide. Let me take you through one good rucksack choice, the Karabar Manaslu 80 Top Loading Travel Backpack. It’s one of the backpacks that many people find great. So here are some of its features that you need to know.

Karabar Manaslu 80 Top Loading Travel Backpack (Black)



The capacity of a backpack is one of the most important factor in a backpack that you shouldn’t forget considering. You should make sure that you get yourself a backpack that has enough room for your usual travelling baggage. Karabar Manaslu 80 is a large backpack that is perfect for long travels or heavy activities. It can carry up to 80 litres of baggage making it an ideal backpack for active travellers. Physically, its size is 80H x 35W x 30D, all in cm. If you think that this fits your size perfectly, then go ahead and get it. If not, check out my other reviews of other backpacks. But I do think that this one is a good choice for anybody.

Karabar Manaslu 80 Top Loading Travel Backpack (Black)


Structure wise, Karabar Manaslu 80 Top Loading Travel Backpack is a really good rucksack. It has a big twin main compartment that you can divide into two if you want to separate your stuffs like your clean clothes and used clothes. You can also use this compartment as a whole if you have lots of things that you do not really need to separate. Karabar Manaslu 80 uses a zipped bottom front entry. It is a lightweight bag, just 1 kg so the backpack itself won’t really be a pain in the back. Nonetheless, its material is very tough despite its weight.


You can’t help it, you really have to bring smaller items when you travel which is why having a backpack with many pockets is a good thing. This backpack has two large zipped pockets on the front. It also has zipped pockets on the side and two mesh pockets also on the side. There is also a large front pocket with zipper that is perfect for your wallet or small towel for easier access. If your bag has more pockets, it would be easier to organize your stuffs. You do not have to use smaller cases or purses to separate your smaller things, you just have to designate a pocket to separate them from the rest.


Straps are meant to ensure stability while the backpack is carried. We can say that the more straps is the better but sometimes few is enough.  Karabar Manaslu has all the straps needed in a big rucksack. It has straps on the side for added compression and also another one in the bottom for more compression. It has D-rings on shoulder straps and adjustable shoulder straps that are designed to be really tough and durable. It also has a padded hip belt that you can adjust to fit your body securely.

Added features

Additional features of Karabar Manaslu is its air ventilation openings to ensure that there is a free airflow, high visibility reflective straps for security purposes, a sleeping bag or mat holder, and walking sticks holders. Karabar Manaslu 80 Top Loading Travel Backpack also has a strong carry handle in case you got caught up in a situation where carrying you back on your back is not a comfortable choice.

Karabar Manaslu 80 Top Loading Travel Backpack (Black)

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Karabar Manaslu 80 Top Loading Travel Backpack (Black/Grey)

Manaslu 80 Top Loading Travel Backpack (Black/Navy)

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