Karabar Cabin Approved Wheeled Bag Review

I’ve had enough of situations where airline ground crews stopped me while proceeding to pre-departure area and ask for my hand carried bag to be weighed and measured. It was sometimes embarrassing as other passengers might create wrong impression towards me. Thus, I decided to purchase a travelling bag that would escape attention from these people. I surfed with my favourite online shop and browse their items on this product and discovered Karabar Cabin Approved Wheeled Bag.

Two days after, I received the package and used it the following day on my way to the capital city. It was a relief indeed when land crews of the airline just took a glance at my bag.

Features and specifications

Great travel assistant

Travelling has never been comfortable. Aside from eliminating harassments from ground crews, carrying my travelling bag is no longer a big deal right now.  How can you go wrong when it is loaded with helpful features? Karabar Cabin Approved Wheeled Bag has strong wheels with protective skids at the base. You can drag it without using extra energy while walking towards your gate assignment. It is also lightweight as it is made of tough polyester material. The things that can make it heavy are the stuffs that you put inside this bag. It can hold more than 40 kilos when it comes to strength.

Likable specs

Karabar Cabin Approved Wheeled Bag has a front zip which allows travellers to pack all personal items that they need while travelling on a short period of time. It helps avoid clothes from unwanted stains since you have extra room to pack your styling gels, skin care solutions, and other products with liquid ingredients. This can also be used on packing items you need to access every now and then.

The two handles at the top and at the side allow flexibility. Its telescopic pull handle spares you from those wobbly handles most luggage have. It also has better grip compared to common handle designs. Carrying it by hand or dragging it – either way, there’s an assurance that you and your belongings will be comfortable.

This luggage can completely be folded flat. As a result, you can store them without occupying too much space. You can store it under your bed for example.  It can be extended to accommodate additional things that you need for your travel. It can still fit in the overhead compartment.

Added bonus

Karabar Cabin Approved Wheeled Bag comes with a three year guarantee.  An indication that the manufacturer is really confident it will last longer than you think. Such long-term warranty is also a great coat of protection in case you encounter problems with the item.

Where it can be improved

While polyester is a strong material, for a luggage it is quite not right. It can easily subject to rips and tears. Leather or stronger material is very much suggested. Another downside which I observed was that Karabar Cabin Approved Wheeled Bag cannot stand for few seconds especially if it is loaded inside. It easily falls flat on the floor. There are no internal straps which help your clothes maintain orderliness. It is time consuming rearranging your things after you settled in your hotel room.

Product variation

Karabar Large Super Lightweight Wheeled Holdalls
Karabar Cabin Approved Lightweight Expandable Suitcase
Karabar Medium Hard Sided Suitcase


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Final verdict

At a regular price of under £40.00, this is a classic example of getting with what you pay for.  It is a great travelling companion and although not perfect, it acquires a long list of likable features and specifications.


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