Jansport Driver 8 Series 2-Wheeled Backpack Review

College life can be tough; but college life for an explorer is bigger challenge. My daughter has great love for nature and the entire week won’t be complete without her, exploring the great outdoors with her travel buddies. Now this is not something I hate. In fact, it’s something I highly support. Since college days are fast approaching, I thought it would be great to buy her something that she can use for both school and her outdoor adventure.

I was checking online and skimming through a couple of websites when I bumped onto Jansport Driver 8 Series 2-Wheeled Backpack. The bag looks cute and compact. It also has a long list of positive reviews and recommendations. Since the product fits my budget, I ordered one and after seeing how my daughter loved it, I also bought 2 more for my son and myself!

Jansport Driver 8 Series 2-Wheeled Backpack

Item blueprint

Basic specs

With dimensions of 35x26x53cm for the main compartment and weight of 10kgs, you can say this is a pretty condensed rolling bag. It also comes with a laptop compartment which sizes at about 29x27x4cm. It is fully padded and can accommodate a laptop of up to 15 inches. Jansport Driver 8 Series 2-Wheeled Backpack is made with a sturdy combination of nylon and polyester. Its capacity of up to 36 liters is one of the main reasons why I purchased it. I knew that weekend trip necessities of my daughter and a couple of college school essentials would fit in perfectly.

The tuck-away shoulder straps are quite useful especially when you don’t want any hanging straps and strings when pulling this and utilizing its roller capabilities. After all, converting it back into a backpack is something pretty easy. The front utility pocket, which comes with internal organizer, is a great factor worth highlighting. I should also mention that upon checking, I found out that this bag has a fully padded back panel. Now I’m 100% sure that my daughter’s belongings won’t be damaged.

Essentials of a travel bag

Jansport obviously aimed for customer satisfaction when they created the Jansport Driver 8 Series 2-Wheeled Backpack. It is rigged with everything that every traveler needs. It comes with a side pocket for your water bottle and a front stash pocket items that need to be accessed every now and then. This is where you can slip in your passports or perhaps a small map. The 80 mm inline skate wheels are responsible for the efficiency of this item in terms of working as a roller bag. I’m honestly amazed when I saw the bag after my daughter used it for more than 6 months – the wheels were still working perfectly.

If the rolling feature is further equipped with a 2-stage, retractable handle, the easy-carry feature comes with padded grab handle now that’s a perfect pair with the padded shoulder straps that allows you to carry this product on your back.

Where it can be improved

Apparently, all items have their fair share of points to be improved. As for Jansport Driver 8 Series 2-Wheeled Backpack, I can say it’s with the laptop compartment. My daughter’s owns a Notebook, not a laptop. Since this is a lot smaller, she discovered that placing it at the laptop compartment is a risk since there is nothing else to hold the gadget I’m place if it doesn’t it in perfectly.

Product variations

Jansport Driver 007 Wheeled Daypack
JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack
Jansport Wheeled Duffelpack 30″


review-1 review-2

Final say

For a rolling bag and backpack in one product, the price of £60-£85 so quite reasonable. Add to that the fact that Jansport Driver 8 Series 2-Wheeled Backpack comes with all features and essentials, there’s no reason why you should not consider checking and scrutinizing this item.


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