How Travelling Can Become a Career

Has traveling always been a distant dream for you? Something you desire in the same way that you fantasize about quitting your job and becoming something fantastical like a tree surgeon in Peru or a professional poker player in Las Vegas? We all have seemingly wild dreams, things we enjoy fantasizing about, and conversing over with friends. But deep down, in our heart of hearts we know that it’s just too ambitious or unrealistic.

Travel Blogging

Take it from Adam Snall, who wrote about himself and his wife quitting their job to travel the world:

“I can’t count how many people in my parents’ generation lamented that they were jealous of what we were doing and wished they would have thought of doing something similar when they were our age,” he said. “Even though concerns abounded about how this would affect our futures, the main thing we kept coming back to was the feeling of regret. If we decided not to go, would we regret it ten, twenty, or thirty years from now? Ultimately, that’s what it came down to. Regret. We felt like we would never forgive ourselves if we didn’t do it. That was much riskier than any other possible ramifications.”

We’re here to tell you that traveling is not one of those unattainable dreams, but something you can actually turn into a reality. Below is a brief overview of some tips and you can read a full accounting of my personal experiences with travel blogging.

Save and Research

The first step is the obvious one, and one of the most difficult. But you’ve got to ask yourself, how much do I want this? Do I really need that gym membership or that Netflix account? Scale down your living costs, if you’re serious about doing this for a year or even longer, sell off the TV and all the things you don’t need. Take a pass on invitations to restaurants, instead opting to eat in the house. Additionally, take the bus, do you really need to keep the car? All the extra time you have from not wasting money in bars can be spent researching your route and accommodation.

While it’s great to live free and go where you want at any time, it’s good to have a rough plan. This means you can get the best value for your money on things like plane tickets.

Make the Internet Work for you

For those savvy enough who have a bit of entrepreneurial spirit about them, the internet is crammed with ways to make money. Full-time travellers can makes their money through buying and selling eBooks – something most know nothing about before they start. Find an avenue on the net to make some extra hustle.

Start Blogging

This is the big one and, if done right, could be your ticket around the world. There are a whole host of ways to make money from blogging. The first step is finding a unique domain, which you can do here. Once you’ve done this then you can begin deciding what kind of writer you are going to be, then start creating content that will draw people to the site. When you have traffic you can:

Sell Advertisement Space

If you have enough traffic, companies will pay to advertise their services/products on your website.

Build Brand Partnerships

This is where you form a long-term relationship with a brand, in return for payment you agree to mention them in a positive light in blog postings and on your site in general.

Sell Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are when you mention a product in your blog, and when it is clicked, the company will pay you for every click.

These are just a few suggestions on how to generate income on your website, but the world really is your oyster if you can attract traffic through your site, that’s when the sponsorships will start rolling in.

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