How to Teach English Overseas – A Review

How to Teach English Overseas is a highly accessible book for all those seeking to teach English abroad, whether it be, as the introduction outlines, for ‘young college graduates’; ‘people on career breaks or older retirees’; ‘travellers’ – essentially for people from all walks of life. The book logically and clearly takes the reader from the qualifications needed and the programmes on offer in order to teach abroad; through the teaching requirements and on to different jobs, benefits and salaries on offer for the potential English teacher overseas. The final section is the most impressive aspect of the book: a 76-page, 18-country guide to the most popular countries the reader will be seeking to work in. This guide is invaluable and really sets Matthew Kepnes’s book apart from all others; the information covered includes: general information; working conditions; salary information; benefits; visa requirements; cost of living and of most use, job links to really help the aspiring English teacher abroad to find the job most suited to their needs and wants. Of course each individual reading this book would have some idea of where they are seeking to teach English abroad and as such a more in depth book would also be necessary. However, as an easy to read introduction containing all the basics to orientate the reader in a complex world which the author freely admits involves ‘a lot of hoops to jump through’.

What further impresses in Kepnes book is the way in which his authoritative information is presented in a clear and accessible format but most importantly, it is presented in clear English and in a tone which is professional but not detached and with a knowledge clearly derived from personal experiences as a teacher and the experiences of his fellow professionals. Even more impressively, Kepnes addresses the reader directly, drawing upon a wealth of knowledge which actively engages the reader and adds a genuine sense of authority and authenticity to the book. It is clear therefore that the greatest strengths of this book lie in its simplicity and brevity, combined with the authors’ obvious experience and enthusiasm for travel combined with a real joy for teaching English overseas.

Finally, in its publication as an ebook, How to Teach English Overseas clearly presents itself uniquely within the market; particularly as the author details his email address in the conclusion thus ensuring a continual dialogue between author and reader enabling all those who purchase this book to benefit even more from his extensive experiences in the field. The book is perhaps more suited to the younger traveller/teacher rather than the retiree but this takes nothing away from the fact that it is undoubtedly accessible to all aspiring teachers abroad and should certainly be a definite purchase, if nothing else than for the author’s experience and contacts.

How to Teach English Overseas is therefore a very welcome and illuminating introduction into the complex and daunting process of researching and preparing for the new challenge of teaching English overseas. Its highly readable text is clear and easy to understand while remaining professional and ultimately constituting a must have guide for any individual who is passionate in their desire both to combine an ability to teach English with travel and an aspiration to experience new places and cultures. If you are interested in purchasing this book click here to view more details.

Written by GYE Intern Charlie Smoothy.

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