Gregory Z Z30 Z35 & Z40 Backpack Review

For the past 2 years, it has been my hobby to hike either alone or with a couple of friends during school vacations. College life can be rough sometimes and nothing else can freshen me up than being with Mother Nature. Last winter vacation my friends and I decided to hike at The Lysefjord, at Ryfylke Norway. It started perfectly fine until my backpack messed up everything. A couple of straps snapped and the suspension system suddenly became not as helpful as it was before. Probably it was due to the extreme cold weather and the rucksack was not as versatile as I thought it was.

So going back to the city, that hiking trip made me decide it’s time to look for another travel backpack – one that is sturdier, more flexible and still acquires all the specs I need. Luckily, I bumped onto Gregory Z, ventilated hiking packs. The brand has so much to offer it took me hours to choose the right one.


Item blueprint

Wide range of capacity

Whatever type of travelling you’re in to, most probably you’re also looking for a backpack that has a wide range of size and volume capacity. If so, better check what Gregory Z can offer. This technical rucksack basically comes with 3 major sizes and capacities, the Z30, Z35 and Z40. But each of them has underlying size variations. Here’s a table to make it clearer.

Gregory Z Z30

Gregory Z Z35

Gregory Z Z40


28 liters

34 liters


30 liters

36 liters

40 liters


32 liters

38 liters

42 liters


The musts

The Gregory Z is also rich in access points. It has a sizable main compartment that keeps your things neat and tucked in throughout the whole journey. This is quite important especially if you’re off to a rough terrain. It also acquires an expandable front bucket pocket where you can place stuffs you need to access every now and then such as sweat towels and maps. the waist belts also have their own pockets for Swiss knife, small flashlights, etc. I personally don’t use these parts often, but you might appreciate that the Gregory Z has dual tool/axe attachment points and side mesh pockets.

Zippies and pockets

You may find it funny that I placed this part at the last part of the specs, but as what they say, “Save the best for last.” Indeed, the suspension system is one of the bests of Gregory Z rucksacks. The Z series feature Gregory’s traditional and trademark JetStream DTS suspension system. It provides enough airflow across your back; in other words, it’s breathable enough without compromising the main idea of suspension system. It has a spring-steel bar that provides superior weight transfer.

All rucksacks also come with the ever-important hydration system. Something perfect for every traveler out there, not to mention my personal major qualification as well. And the best of all the best, Gregory Z offers a lifetime warranty! Now isn’t that a great deal or what?

Where it could be improved

The enclosure – yes. The enclosure of the main compartment is zippered and not draw-stringed, which is more practical for travel packs. For a person like me who carries loads of stuffs when traveling, I would really consider bringing a smaller bag. However if you’re up for short trips then this backpack will work perfectly.

Product variations

Gregory Z Z30
Gregory Z Z35
Gregory Z Z40

Gregory Savant 38
Gregory Fury 40

The consumers’ take

 review-1 review-2

Overall rating for Gregory Z

A huge number 10 on that! The impeccable design, the proven sturdiness, the highly affordable price at $100 – $200 – what more can you asks for? I’m a college student with a part time job and I was able to save up for this without stressing myself out. Not to mention I was able to do three, smooth hiking journeys with Gregory Z and four country visits. Now that’s a long-lasting rucksack!


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