Gregory Savant 38 48 & 58 Backpack Review

After my first visit to the Great Wall of China, it made me realize that travelling is really my thing. On that note, I immediately went searching for gears and other essential stuffs I’ll need for my scheduled trips. Since I’m juggling a full-time job and my masters education, it’s a requirement to manage my time very well, and to ensure that every trip is worth my time and money.

In the latter part, I ended up with Gregory Savant. I’m not really knowledgeable about backpacks but my travel buddy said its one great rucksack I shouldn’t miss. So far, I’ve brought my Gregory Savant to 5 different countries and although only two of them are linked to hiking and camping out (the rest are plain visits), the rucksack has proven so much already.

Gregory Savant 38 48 & 58 Backpack Review


The vital parts

One of the most vital parts of every travelling backpack would be the suspension system. The comfort and fun of your entire journey depends on it. Good thing the Gregory Savant has an effective, Intuition 3D suspension that makes the entire adventure worthwhile. I also love the fact that is has a roll-style top pocket which is water resistant. It’s back pane,l harness and waist belts are all made with breathable materials. The back panel specifically also acquires a molded foam.

All Gregory Savant rucksacks also feature an external access hydration system, which is easier to handle especially for starts like me. The main compartment access point is a large panel zipper that enables me to grab anything from the very inside of the bag, easily.

Every little aspect

Another aspect that I love about Gregory Savant rucksacks is that all of them possess a wide array of useful points – from the most important to the least. My rucksack acquires dual tool/axe attachment points. In fact if you’re creative enough, it’s not only trekking gears that you can attach but practically anything since it’s made of sturdy strings. The bag also has a top security pocket and a color-matching rain cover. Now that’s something really handy since I love travelling during rainy seasons. You’ll also find side and bottom compression straps that spare the backpack from looking bulky.

Improvement points

Basically there are two points that I’m a bit concerned about this backpack. One would be the internal hydration system and the other would be the side pockets, which are often used for bottled waters. Since the hydration pocket is inside, it would be difficult to pack first then insert the water bladder next, especially if you’re planning to fill the bag. Same goes for the side pockets because they’re not made of full elastic material.

The perfect solution to this would be to put in the water first – both the water bottles and hydration bladders – before you start packing. This way, you can easily slip them and everything else that you’ll pack will still snug in tightly.


Gregory Savant 38
Gregory Savant 48
Gregory Savant 58

Gregory Wander 50
Gregory Contour 50


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Final take

We cannot erase the fact that rucksacks have their own share of needs improvement parts, but with all the features and specs of Gregory Savant, there’s enough reason for consumers like us to skip the minimal flaws. After all, dealing with it is quite easy if doesn’t even appear like a flaw. I may not be an expert traveler but so far, it has worked for me perfectly. Pricing at $140 – $190, this is indeed something you shouldn’t skip.


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