Gregory Sage 35 45 & 55 Backpack Review

There’s no better gift for a traveler than a sturdy and high quality rucksack. I’ve been searching about 3 malls already to find the perfect rucksack for my brother but I just can’t find “the one”. After checking over the internet for a couple of minutes, I immediately found it – the Gregory Sage rucksack. The specs are perfect for my brother’s needs and the price fits my budget. Seeing it physically at the mall made me even happier that I found it; so happy that I decided to share to you the main reasons why you should really consider it.

Design and features

All the best you can find

Let’s start with the material. The Gregory Sage is basically made of 210D nylon with double diamond ripstop. The term ripstop literally stopping the chances of ripping, something perfect for those who are often in the wild. It also has an Intuition 3D and foam back panel for the support and suspension system. This makes sure that despite the weight of the backpack, you’ll still find comfort in carrying it for long hours. The EVA foam shoulder straps are also ideal for both men and women, making this item quite versatile. Add to that the fact that women’s version of Gregory Sage backpacks have narrower back panel.

Important add-ons

Every backpack has its own share of likable add-ons, but with Gregory Sage, everything seems to be complete. It has an integrated rain cover that protects the bag not only from the rain but also the dew and mist of the snow. I also love the hydration system with external access – especially that my brother just can’t live without drinking LOTS of water every now and then. Included is also a 4mm gauge wire for the wishbone internal.

Other points

Probably the best part of this backpack is its horseshoe zipper access to the main compartment. With that alone, you already have various ways of reaching inside without screwing all the things you’ve packed. It also acquires bottom and side compression straps that ensure the bag doesn’t look fat and bulky. It has the classic side stash, zippered quick access pocket and a top lid security pocket. For hikers and extreme trekkers, you might find this useful that the Gregory Sage has dual tool attachment points. It’s a perfect match to the sturdy harness and waist belt that are equally breathable with molded foam.

Where it could be improved

However, just like any backpacks, the Gregory Sage also has a fair share of missing points. In this case, it has no reservoir included. Also there’s no sleeping bag compartment, which means you have to be extra resourceful when using this bag for overnight trips. it’s either you utilize some of its attachment points and use your own stretchable strings to hold your sleeping compartment, or you simply use another bag for it.

Product variations

Gregory Sage 35
Gregory Sage 45
Gregory Sage 55

Gregory Jade 50
Gregory Savant 48


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With a wide price range of $122 – $357, there’s no reason for you not to try this bag. I was a bit concerned about the price at first, so purchased the one at around $200. But when I saw how my brother loved it, I wish I just purchased the most expensive one! Bottom line – the Gregory Sage is worth every dime, whether for you or for someone else.

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