Gelert Wilderness Rucksack Review

As an avid outdoor traveler, it’s an important factor for me to own the best items in I could find – from gears to rucksacks to proper clothing. Unfortunately, I was slightly wrong with the backpacks. I purchased a new pack as my birthday gift to myself but it only lasted for about 3 months. I was able to use it twice only plus one minor travelling adventure with my child. Hence, I ended up searching a new one.

This was when I found the Gelert Wilderness Rucksack. The brand is known for me but I haven’t purchased anything from the company yet. Since the rucksack is quite affordable, I decided to give it a try. Now, I have already traveled China, Japan, Cambodia, and 2 more countries in Asia and nearly continents with this backpack.



Blueprint and system design

I consider the Cool Air Design as this backpack’s main feature. This highly effective back system provides you a cooler trip no matter how hot the place is. Aside from sparing you from too much sweat, the back system also provides a high level of comfort due to the materials used and how it is carefully designed. This item also acquires VTS back system that assists the entire back system for more coziness.

Lumbar support is at the highest level with the Gelert Wilderness Rucksack‘s padded and adjustable waist strap. Now that’s really helpful especially if you’re unsure of your itinerary. The pull forward hip belt adjustment system and the adjustable chest strap are two more factors that assist the carrier ands help provide stability and balance when travelling rough or even smooth terrains.

Organizing part

Of course, a rucksack won’t be complete without the efficiency in organizing your items. The Gelert Wilderness Rucksack has an internal bivy organizer that helps you segregate your items. There’s also the bellow pockets that are positioned on both sides of the bag; expandable and can carry more items without looking too over-stuffed. It also has a zip hood pocket and a front pocket mainly used for maps. Most zippers of this rucksack are unique and waterproof.

Small aspects

Although considered as a small aspect, I consider the rain cover as something important, especially that I’m not always sure about the weather of my destination. Luckily, the Gelert Wilderness Rucksack has its own rain cover. It also comes with loops where I can attach my walking poles. Lastly, this item is hydration compatible, which means you can slip in a water bladder and you don’t have to bring a bigger water bottle.

Where it can be improved

Technically, not all items are made perfectly. Gelert Wilderness Rucksack also has its fair share of drawbacks such as the webbing. On the downside, this rucksack has no front webbing which is very useful in terms of attaching more items and gears. You might want to consider another bag that can serve as your gear bag, instead. You can also bring extra stretchable strings for easier attachment of gears.

Product variations

Gelert Wilderness 55
Gelert Wilderness 65
Gelert Wilderness 85

Gelert Shadow 65+10
Gelert Phoenix 55+10




Final say

The Gelert Wilderness Rucksack is the perfect synonym of high quality rucksacks. With all the mentioned features, no wonder why many people purchase it. The price is also not that bothersome. You can already get your own Gelert Wilderness at an affordable rate of £50 and maximum rate of £65-£67. Indeed, a good investment for both avid and first-time travelers.


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