Gelert Tryfan 300DL Sleeping Bag Review

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After visiting Wales for the best outdoor experience, I told myself I’d go back there with more friends and more time of enjoying the place; and so I did. Last month was the month I’ve been waiting for. My friends and I planned to stay and camp out for at least 5 nights. It was perfect and all when at the 3rd night, I encountered problems with my sleeping bag. The bag itself was somewhat like beginning to deteriorate. I don’t know if it’s because of the bag’s age, which was about 2 years old only, but one thing’s for sure – I need to look for new sleeping bag that can live more than 2 years.

And this was when I found the Gelert Tryfan 300DL Sleeping Bag. I have used it once only but so far, it’s the greatest. My friends also told me to shift to this brand because they’ve already proven its durability, and now it’s my time to prove the same thing. But for now, I would want to share the reasons why I simply fell in love with this item.

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Product features

Likable packing

I would first want to focus on the packing aspect of this item. According to my observations, most sleeping bags are packed into square or circle compression bags. I’m a bit concerned with that because it feels like the bag is being squished excessively inside. With Gelert Tryfan 300DL Sleeping Bag, it acquires a unique packing where the bag can rest and the carrier won’t have a hard time carrying it all throughout a long journey. The packed size is at 35x23cm and the weight is only about 2kgs – now who would hate an item with such features.

Aside from the compression pack, this item also comes with ridge hood, shoulder and zip baffle, and an internal security pocket. Indeed, you can say it is a combination of the best features a sleeping bag should have.

Strong yet flexible

The Gelert Tryfan 300DL Sleeping Bag is made with strong and study materials, all stitched together to form a cozy and comfortable sleeping bag. Its shell is made from 190T/70D Polyester and the lining is made from Polycotton. The combination of those two materials alone can already relay the message of comfort; add to that the filling which is a mix of 300g/m2 Double Layer Mono Fibre and Polyester, you can guarantee that this item is sturdy and comfortable. Nothing can still beat double layer sleeping bags. It also holds a season rating of 2 over 3, impressive!

Where it can be improved

There’s just one thing I wish the company would improve on this item – the zippers. Although I haven’t experienced anything bad about it, sometimes it just feels like the zippers are too weak compared to other sleeping bags I’ve used. It felt like they were going to come off anytime. If you want to ensure the sturdiness of your Gelert Tryfan 300DL Sleeping Bag, it’s best to look for a tailor or something who can fix and strengthen the zippers of this bag.

Product variations

Gelert Tryfan Classic 300DL Square Sleeping Bag
Gelert Freedom Sleeping Bag
Gelert Hebog Classic Mummy Sleeping Bag


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Final verdict

At a very affordable price of £45, the Gelert Tryfan 300DL Sleeping Bag sure is a good investment. It comes with all the features and I need and the drawbacks are next to none. It feels very comfortable, which for a petite person like me, is highly important. For me, I would give 5 stars for an overall rating, simply one of the best sleeping bags out there.


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