Gelert Summit Rucksack Review

When it comes to choosing the right travelling backpack, there’s a long list of factors to consider. This was what I didn’t realize a year ago when I had my first taste of 1-week outdoor travel and trekking adventure. It was not that bad, it’s just that I knew I could have enjoyed more if only I used the right tools, and that includes the right rucksack.

So the ending, I headed home a bit annoyed and decided to purchase one good rucksack that I know will last a lifetime. For about 1 year already I’ve been using the Gelert Summit Rucksack and as far as I’m concerned I really feel like it will last a lifetime. Here are some of the reasons why love this travel backpack.



If there’s one thing I value the most on this rucksack that would be its Cool Air Design. It provides maximum comfort on your back while carrying a heavy rucksack. Mesh combined with other materials is used to build such back system that spares you from too much sweating and the feeling of heaviness. The Gelert Summit Rucksack is also hydration compatible, which is perfect for all travelers who are up for long walks. Now you don’t have to rely on natural water sources only.

The Lifetime Guarantee is yet another aspect I brag the most to my friends. As what we all know, a lifetime guarantee specifies that the item is warranted against material, manufacturing or workmanship defects. Now you don’t have to worry about short-term warranties at all. Simply register your product on the Gelert official website and you can immediately get your rucksack under such warranty.

Item built

With a dimension of 25x15x56cm and a weight of 0.85kg, you can expect that this rucksack acquires lots of useful features. Aside from being able to carry a maximum of 25 liters, the Gelert Summit Rucksack is made of P600D Polyester and P600D Polyester Ripstop that saves the bag from rips and cuts. It has a front zippered pocket mainly for the map and a built-in rain cover.

The waist belt is adjustable and padded and it also has 2 side pockets that will surely come in handy. Its adjustable chest straps help you set the bag so that it fits perfectly on you. There are also zippered pockets on the bag’s hood, allowing you to store more items and access them easily. The hipbelt itself also features 2 zippered pockets.

Where it can be improved

If you don’t want to deal with squashed clothing inside this rucksack, better generate effective packing techniques. I used to have this problem with Gelert Summit Rucksack because the backpack is too narrow and when I stuffed the bag I noticed that the side pockets are next to useless. Hence, I looked for an effective way to pack all my stuff and now, this works perfect for me.

Product variations

Gelert Summit 35
Gelert Summit 25
Gelert Summit 45

Gelert Serenity 35
Gelert Outback 45




Final thoughts

For a 25 liter rucksack, the price of £37-£40 is all worth it. The specs and features of Gelert Summit Rucksack made it worth the investment. Not all travelling backpacks have such wonderful and useful set of features and for me, this backpack is one of the unique and rare ones. There may be many backpacks out there but nothing can still beat the Gelert Summit Rucksack. Give this item a chance and you surely won’t regret it.


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