Gelert Shadow Rucksack Review

Spotting a reliable rucksack is what I’ve been up to for the past 3 months. I have purchased 2 travelling packs already but ended up returning them after a couple of days of checking it. Because I can’t move my Amazon rainforest trip, I knew I had to search harder. What I found was this Gelert Shadow Rucksack.

To be honest I’m not really familiar with the brand, but spending my hard-earned cash for it is very worth it. Here are its specifications and some of the main reasons why I ended up using this; and until now, this rucksack still serves as the best travelling pack for me.


Backpack’s blueprint

As always, I pay extra attention to the back system of the rucksack since my comfort and balance lies on it. I simply love the ABS adjustable back system of Gelert Shadow Rucksack. It allows you to make minor changes on the system to achieve your desired fit. Alongside that is the Cool Air Design which is a perfect solution if you’re travelling in warm places. This additional back design helps lessen the perspiration and the feeling of heaviness when carrying the backpack.

It also acquires an adjustable, padded waist belt. Yes, another helpful feature to ensure that the bag fits perfectly on you. Borrowing one from your bother won’t hurt even if you don’t have the same sizes because the Gelert Shadow Rucksack is versatile enough to cater at least 3 sizes per rucksack. The chest strap is equally adjustable, helping you keep your balance on rough terrains.

Small factors count a lot

The adjustable hood is another feature that made me purchase this item. I tend to bring many items in my trips and an extra storage space is really a great help. Since it’s adjustable, I can make minor changes to ensure that from top to bottom, the entire bag is well-built no matter how stuffed it is. A zippered pocket on the hood is the perfect nest for small items that you need to access every now and then.

You can also take advantage of the daisy front chain where you can attach different types of tools, depending on the outdoor adventure you’re having. There are also the walking pole slots that will definitely come in handy. The two side pockets and 2 wand pockets are probably the most useful feature of this item for me, aside from the main compartment.

Other features you need to know

Luckily, the Gelert Shadow Rucksack is hydration compatible – now I don’t have to bring a bigger water bottle when taking long journeys. It’s also under a lifetime guarantee of Gelert, which means the company is willing to do repairs caused by material, manufacturing or workmanship.

Where it can be improved

I just wish this item is more fashionable. Apparently, fashion and looks are still important no matter what mountain you’re climbing and no matter how sweaty you are. Most people consider items like this as a hint to how stylish a person is, regardless of gender. Hence, if you’re a bit conscious of your fashion statement, better be extra creative and play around with the looks of this rucksack.

Product variations

Gelert Shadow 55+10 Litre
Gelert Shadow 65+10 Litre
Gelert Shadow 85+10 Litre

Gelert Phoenix 75+10 Litre
Gelert Explorer 65 Litre



Final judgment

Yes and yes, the Gelert Shadow Rucksack is worth the buy! Price ranges at £45-£70; this is worth your investment. The specs and features are perfect and the item itself is made with the highest quality of materials. Carefully crafted, this will surely last you a lifetime.


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