Gelert Phoenix Rucksack Review

The moment I got home last month from the Pink Lake in Australia (it was the best lake in the world!) I admit I was a bit frustrated. It was suppose to be the trip of the year for me but because of some misfortunes, I ended up not enjoying the whole journey. Aside from my bag that ripped out, I also forgot to bring my camcorder mainly because the backpack I used was already full. Hence, I knew I had to get a better, bigger and stronger rucksack.

After searching high and low, I met the Gelert Phoenix Rucksack. I haven’t used it yet aside from two camping trips with my kids in nearby town but so far, it’s worked well for us.


Tight fit and more

According to my travel buddies, Gelert features the best fitting rucksacks. Of course I believed the word of mouth and yes, I was able to prove that my Gelert Phoenix Rucksack is indeed the best fitting among my past rucksacks. It has a VTS adjustable back system that allows the users to change the back system fit of up to 15cm. Now that’s a great help especially if you have a shorter back and you didn’t notice this at first glance.

The backpack also features an Adjustable Hybrid Flex Pro back panel for a higher level of comfort and Lightweight Aluminium support staves. Bottom line for this aspect – you’ll surely have no problems with the fitting of this bag.

Adjustable and expendables

The sole fact that almost everything is adjustable with this bag, you can expect that this will work at its best. It has an expandable lid that can carry an extra 10 liters and it has a base compartment that comes with bivy divider for better organizing. The side bellow pockets are also expandable – now you have enough space for all excess stuffs. Side wand pockets are also there to accommodate all your small paraphernalia.

Gelert Phoenix Rucksack features a waist belt with pull forward system for easier adjustment. It’s a perfect pair for the adjustable chest strap for optimum comfort. This is a big help especially if you’re travelling rough terrains where balance can be lost at any time. The front pocket is sealed with a sturdy zipper, just like all the other compartments of this rucksack, for maximum security.

More helpful specs

That’s not all, the Gelert Phoenix Rucksack has more features to offer that are all beneficial for travelers of all kind. This rucksack comes with ice axe/walking pole attachment points which you can also use for other gears (creativity reigns here), and a rain cover that will protect the rucksack and your belongings from the rain and snow. Aside from the contoured hip belt, the shoulder straps are adjustable as well. This helps you achieve the desired comfort in case you’re a bit meticulous.

Where it can be improved

However, there’s one thing missing – the water. Unfortunately, this  is not hydration compatible and this aspect plays an important part in every journey. Hence, you should be prepared and bring bigger bottled water.

Product variations

Gelert Phoenix 55+10
Gelert Phoenix 65+10
Gelert Phoenix 75+10

Gelert Shadow 65+10
Gelert Explorer 65



The verdict

With a wide array of prices (£70-£80) and size choices, this item can be considered as a symbol of good investment. Aside from the fact that it has all features needed, the Gelert Phoenix Rucksack also comes with a lifetime guarantee that provides every customer has a high level of assurance that their bag will be at perfect state all throughout.


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