Gelert Explorer Rucksack Review

A handy travelling rucksack is one of the most important items for hikers and trekkers. Technically, it’s more important than a GPS. However, not all travelling rucksacks work the same. I already had my fair share of failed trips because of a wrong (or let’s say problematic) rucksack. Hence, I decided to spend ample time researching and scouting for the best item that suits my needs.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been using this backpack and so far, it really is the best. I’m talking about the Gelert Explorer Rucksack. It has the right fit and all essential features I need. Check this review out and perhaps you’ll also fall in love with this buddy just like how I did.


Snug, tight fit

One vital aspects of travelling rucksacks would be the fit. What you want is a backpack that’s snug and perfectly catches your body shape. The Gelert Explorer Rucksack features an ergonomic back fit that does the exact thing. No matter how loaded or nearly empty it is, the fit is still the same. I don’t have to worry about slipping off because it helps me keep my balance through rough and dicey terrains. This item also features a specific back panel size hence; you don’t have to worry much about that matter.

For the assisting features to achieve a tight fit, you got the adjustable waist belt that is padded. This saves you from size problems, just in case you’re only borrowing the bag and you got slight size mismatch. The chest strap that helps hold the bag in place is also adjustable, now that’s another great help in terms of keeping balance. With a volume of 65 liters, this is ideal for both long and short outdoor trips.

Slots and pockets

Now onto the pockets and slots – the Gelert Explorer Rucksack is not too loaded with pockets. If it is, the tendency is that some pockets will be useless, especially if they’re not tailored the right way and when the pack is fully stuffed. Aside from the zippered hood pocket, you also have walking pole holders and 2 more size zippered pockets.

The bag has 2 main compartments that help you organize better. Accessing both is also easier because of the bag’s overall design. It has bellow side pockets that work as an expansion in case the main bag is not enough. There are also gear loops that you can use for different trekking gears. Such feature makes this item a versatile one since there are many different gears for different types of outdoor adventure.

Where it can be improved

So far, there are no improvement points for the Gelert Explorer Rucksack. It’s under a lifetime guarantee hence, whatever problem you encounter, simply give them a call and the company will surely be more than happy to assist you until you get satisfied with the item. Most reviews (as far as I’m concerned) are also on the positive side.

One handy tip though – be sure that all adjustment points work perfect for you. This way you can avoid size problems in the future. Bear in mind that the lifetime guarantee only caters product defects and not wrong purchase.

Product variations

Gelert Kessock 45L
Gelert Shadow 65+10L
Gelert Phoenix 55+10L


explorer-1 explorer-2

The verdict

After using this rucksack for about 2 years now, I haven’t encountered any negative issue with it. As always, it works perfect and provides all my needs (and more)! I have enough space to pack my things for a long trip and with the price of £50; this is really cheap compared to similar items. Worth the buy indeed!


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