Gelert Discovery Rucksack

Some people might think that getting a rucksack is a quick task. If you don’t mind regretting in the end then we can say that choosing a rucksack is easy, but if you want a lasting backpack that you can enjoy longer, you should take time reading backpack brands’ features so that you can find the one that fits your needs and style. So in addition to all the reviews I make, here is another rucksack that I will discuss to you to, the Gelert Discovery Rucksack. It is a pretty cool rucksack that you can buy. It has everything that you need for a rucksack, so I can highly recommend it to you.

Gelert Discovery Rucksack - Black/Pewter, 65-85lt


Gelert Discovery Rucksack is a rucksack with exact dimensions of 31W x 24D x 65H, all in cm. Gelert Discovery Rucksack includes a daysac making it very practical to buy since everyone can really use a daysac. The daysac included has a measurement of 28W x 11D x 37H, also in cm.

The main bag of Gelert Discovery Rucksack has padded back system which is conveniently adjustable and it also includes a stow-away shoulder straps. Gelert Discovery Rucksack features a zipped section that allows expansion to provide better versatility. There is also a base divider to provide easy access and easier packing of baggage.

Straps included are side compression straps and adjustable shoulder strap with comfort grip that is conveniently detachable. A rubber grab handle is also featured in Gelert Discovery Rucksack to allow a comfortable carrying experience. It has interlocking zips for added security and it also includes a rain cover with high visibility.

Pockets included are front pockets with sipper and the side mesh pockets. Gelert Discovery Rucksack weighs 2.6 kg, not exactly a lightweight backpack but you can be assured that it is a tough backpack.

The daysack included also has padded shoulder straps and interlocking zips. the daysack also has front pockets with zipper and side mesh pockets. Overall, Gelert Discovery Rucksack can carry a massive 65 – 85 litre of capacity. I highly recommend this backpack for those who are searching for a standard sized rucksack that has all the features needed and all the security and stability required in a rucksack.

Gelert Discovery Rucksack - Black/Pewter, 65-85lt

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Final thoughts

Basically, Gelert Discovery Rucksack has all that you need. But if not, check out my other reviews and find what you think suits you best. But as for my opinion, Gelert Discovery Rucksack has it all. Check it out on Amazon.

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