Gelert Cargo Bag Review

I just traveled to Columbia a few months ago. I documented almost everything about the country, from the rare places to the most commonly served meals. This started as a hobby but I now consider it as a career. However, I was faced by a gear tragedy I call “the snapped bag” incident. I used my typical cargo bag that time when in the middle of my walk downtown, one of its straps snapped. Good thing I only had 2 more days in the place and I’m back to my loft; bad thing is, I needed to purchase a new cargo. Rucksacks just seem to be too rugged for me.

So, after a long search online, and after reading many reviews, I decided to order Gelert Cargo Bag from a trusted online store – the one with 60 liter capacity, to be exact. It arrived not more than a week after I sent the payment and I can say, it was more than what I was expecting.


Product features

Main specs

When talking about cargo bags, one thing you should first check would be the weight. I know it sounds silly, but if you’re a constant traveler like, me, the bag’s weight plays a very important role. It can get pretty tiring to walk all day with a handy messenger or cargo bag that seems to weigh more than your belongings. With Gelert Cargo Bag, it weighed only 0.65kg. At first I was a bit frantic because I thought it was made with cheap materials, but after further checking, I proved myself wrong. The product is made with 450D polyester, making it strong, sturdy, durable and at the same time, flexible. I just hate any type of bag that’s made with tough material – too tough that it appears to be next to hard plastic.

I should also command the amazing capacity of it. With a size and dimensions of 75x30x25cm, I never thought it can carry a whopping 60 liters – but it did! Now that’s a big plus and something I really want to stress out.

More on usage

Now off to the compartments and usage. The main compartment of Gelert Cargo Bag is sizable enough for me. With great clothes folding technique, you can fit in more than what you thought you could. It’s also wise to utilize every inch of the inside compartment. The access to the main pocket is also pretty easy. You don’t have to struggle just to get your hands in and grab a face towel. It also comes with a front zipper pocket where you can easily slip small items. This is the perfect spot for small pieces of papers where you might have jotted down festival schedules or addresses.

Gelert Cargo Bag is equipped with side grab handles. This makes the carrying extra easy since you can lug the bag any way around. I also want to mention the adjustable padded shoulder straps. It’s just a typical feature that you can find in most bags but the amazingly comfortable pads are something you should note.

Where it can be improved

Apparently, Gelert Cargo Bag is not as perfect as what you may think. It’s also linked to some minor flaws and on my part, I would appreciate it if Gelert gad a small hidden pocket inside. It’s always helpful to have a small pocket on the inside of the main compartment where you hide pertinent items like extra cash or anything alike. Apart from that, this product is highly recommended.

Product variations

Gelert Cargo Bag 140 litres
Gelert Alpha Cargo Bag
Gelert Expedition Cargo Kit Bag




Final verdict

At a price of £11-£15, Gelert Cargo Bag is something perfect for every traveler and even for those who travel occasionally. The durability of it is simply amazing and the fact that it’s very affordable, there’s nothing you need to worry about.

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