Gelert Bath Towel Review

As a devoted traveler, it is a must that every single equipment and clothing are at the best quality. Furthermore, they should also be flexible enough to fit such type of lifestyle. I was recently looking for a nifty towel that I can use on both long-term and short term trips. I used to use a regular towel but in the long run, I realized there should be something better. This is when I found the Gelert Bath Towel. I tell you dear readers, it is not your ordinary towel.

Features and specifications

Ultra safe

In most cases, towels are the items that we stuff just anywhere in our rucksacks. This is okay if the trip is only over night. But if we’re talking about 2-night trips or more, it’s wise to have a better pocket for your towel. Germs and bacteria may hide within it if you let it sit next to your dirty and used clothes. In the case of Gelert Bath Towel, you have an extra coat of protection. This product is made and labeled anti-bacterial, which means it not that vulnerable to germs and bacteria. Now that’s safe to use even on wounds.

It also has a quick drying system which spares you still, from the existence of bacteria. Are you familiar of the thumb rule of keeping your carpet thoroughly dry after cleaning? If so then that’s also the case on towels. Damp towels are inviting microorganisms to reside in it which can cause dilemma in the long run.

Ordinary VS. Extra-ordinary

Typical towels have their own specifications, specialties, features, and whatever you want to call it; but the Gelert Bath Towel took it to the next level. It comes with the traditional specs, only better. Take the ultra absorbent feature for example. Apparently, all towels are for absorbing water but with this product, it soaks up any liquid extra fast. Now that’s a great help to wipe away your sweat in the middle of an exciting outdoor trip.

The compact and lightweight design is another feature we should never forget. As mentioned earlier, towels are known to be stuffed just about anywhere in a rucksack. Pulling it out can mess up all the other clothes inside. With this Gelert product, that acquires compact design with the help of its own stuff sac, you can easily throw it in and pull it out of your backpack without having to deal with cluttered clothing inside. Now that’s ideal not only for travelling but also for sports. Lastly, it is quite sizable at 140×90 cm.

Where it can be improved

One downside of this product is that you cannot wash it. I was not aware of this until I used it on a trip. The instructions said “wipe clean with damp cloth” which may sound bizarre for towels. I guess I can use only for few weeks.

Product variations

Gelert Microfiber Global Camping/Travelling Body Towel
Gelert Global Body Towel
Gelert Global Anti Bacterial Body Towel


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Overall say

Really helpful features plus an affordable rate of £15-£20, I can say this is worth the try. If you’re not familiar with Gelert then purchasing a small-time item like this is a bright idea. It would make you realize how important it is to pay attention even to the smallest feature and at the same time. Gelert Bath Towel is getting two thumbs up from me.


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