Gelert Atlantis 4 Tent Review

To make the most of our very first vacation in college, my friends and I decided to go on a nature trip. One of us is an avid traveler and she’s took the lead on everything. About 3 days before our scheduled trip, we checked everything and noticed that the tent we’re planning to use is filled with mites and other insects. It was lying in my friend’s garage and so we had no choice but to purchase another one. I searched online for hours and the Gelert Atlantis 4 tent caught my attention. It appears quite fashionable, unique and attractive. After using it for that particular trip, we knew we did the right choice of purchasing it.


Perfect for starters and pros

This flexible 4-person tent is ideal not only for pros but also for starters. It’s all in one pitching makes everything easy. The Gelert Atlantis 4 tent also features a fully sewn groundsheet. Now that’s a coat of protection that this product is carefully manufactured. With it, we won’t be bothered by creepy crawlies especially at night. It also acquires mesh panels for breathability purposes; and front and side doors for easy access to the inside of the tent. Again, flexibility at its best.

The inside is quite spacious than we thought. Apparently, dome designs look small from the outside and this tent showed us the total opposite on the inside. Aside from the sleeping area, which has button dividing panels, it also has a fairly spaced living room area where we placed a small table and two foldable chairs.

Comfort and safety

What I personally love the most about the Gelert Atlantis 4 tent is the fact that it is made of fire-retardant material. On that note, I can comfortably sleep knowing that I’m far from any fire-initiated trouble. Furthermore, the poles of this tent are made of fiberglass, a material known to be sturdy. Its groundsheet is made of 120g/m2 Polyethylene, also known as the ever-comfy material, and its inner sheet is made of 190T breathable Polyester – what more can you ask for?

The out-most fabric is made of 190T Polyester with a combination of waterproof PU coating. It also acquires taped seams and pegging single point system. I would also want to mention that the bedrooms are in a darker tone for a more comfortable sleep. With a weight of 10.6kg, this item is the lightest 4-person tent I have ever had.

Where it can be improved

However, there’s one thing I’m concern about with this product. There’s a small gap within the ground sheet in the living room area. Although you’re still safe if you’re in the bedroom, rainy season may lead slugs inside the tent. Be sure to attend to this gap before utilizing the tent on a rainy day. Apart from that, everything about it is perfect.

Product variations

Gelert Vector
Gelert Evora
Gelert Cabana


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Final verdict

This is ideal for a seasonal camper but anyone can practically use it. Whether you’re up for a family trip or you’re just having an overnight camp out with some friends, the Gelert Atlantis 4 tent is the best tent to use. It’s easy to set up, easy to clean away and it has all the essentials every traveler would need. Pricing at around £125, you can definitely consider this a bargain! You might just need to tighten your budget and save up for a few months but after that; this tent will show you that the efforts for saving are all worth it.


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