Gelert First Aid Kit Review

Whatever type of travelling that is, one essential item to bring is a first aid kit. One misconception about first aid kits is that it’s only composed of a bottle of alcohol, a role of bandage and perhaps a box of band aids. Apparently, it’s not. In fact, it’s pretty far from what most people think. I was seeking the best first aid kit that would match me and I found Gelert First Aid Kit. It comes with all features needed and all essential contents of a real first aid kit.

After using it for about 11 times for the past year alone, I was able to prove that purchasing it is not a bad idea. I recently got home from an African trip where I was able to majorly utilize the kit. It was only that time when I decided to write a review because its efficiency is worth sharing.


Product features

Basic contents

We all know that a first aid kit – regardless of where you’re planning to use it – has basic components or contents. This includes the items that are often needed. Luckily, Gelert First Aid Kit is not all about branding, pricing and competition. It also acquires the basic contents. On top of the list would be the pair of scissors and the safety pins. This product includes one pair of handy and small-sized scissors that is sturdy enough to cut typically anything that ordinary scissors can cut. The 6 safety pins are also handy in most cases. Such item also comes with 1 whistle, just in case you got lost from your group of friends and 2 insect repellent wipes. With it, you don’t have to worry about any form of insect bites, especially those coming from pesky mosquitoes.

Gelert First Aid Kit is equipped with two differently-sized non adherent dressing. One is about 5x5cm while the other one is bigger at 7.5×7.5cm. Apart from that, there’s also a separate crepe bandage sizing at 5x4cm. Just like any vital features, dressings are often taken for granted – well, not on my watch. We shouldn’t also forget the first aid guidance leaflet that is highly essential for first-time travelers.

More of what you expected

Again, I would brag about the fact that Gelert First Aid Kit comes with more than the typical and basic components. Such kit comes with 1 elastic adhesive dressing strip and 10 washable adhesive plasters. Now that’s a good dose of essentials! It also has 3 antiseptic wipes and 1 tube of Centrimide antiseptic cream. This tube is about 15 grams which is enough for many travels and trips. The burn-gel sachet is one of my personal favorites, since I think the bonfire has problems with me. Gelert First Aid Kit also features 2 microporous tape at 1.25x1cm and 2 Quick Fix finger bandages. The eye pad with bandage is yet another feature with stressing out. Lastly, the product has a pair of vinyl gloves, making it one ultra kit.

Where it can be improved

Up to this moment, I still haven’t’ found any improvement point for this item. Perhaps it’s safe to say that you should always check your kit before setting off to travelling. Upon receiving the item, if you bought it online, it’s also wise to check it immediately for possible damages and missing components.

Product variations

Gelert First Aid Kit Travel Pack 3
Gelert Mosquito Repellent Coil Holder
Gelert Mosquito Head Net




Final say

For a first aid kit that prices £10-£12, Gelert First Aid Kit is indeed a great deal. It’s not every day that you see products as affordable as this, and to think it comes with more than what is needed, that’s a whole new story already. I’ve been through so many trips already and I always have my Gelert kit with me – so far so good.


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