Gelert 82×165, 105×210 and 110×220 Sleeping Pod Review

As an avid outdoor explorer for about 5 years now, I sometimes realize that I’m getting bored with the gears and equipment I have. Aside from the fact that they’re about to give out already, there are some instances when I find myself shopping for particular items that I simply want to try. One of which is a sleeping pod. I’ve been using the usual sleeping bags and sleepers since day 1 of my explorations and about a year ago, I decided to venture on other products. This was when I discovered the Gelert Sleeping Pod. I don’t know much about sleeping pods but I know what I want when it comes to camping out and this item gave me more, literally.

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Product features

The layers

The unique layers would be the main reason why I immediately purchased this item. I’m very particular with all my travelling gears and I always see to it that all of them are made with the highest quality of materials. In the case of the Gelert Sleeping Pod, it has a shell made with 170T Polyester. That alone is already a coat of assurance that the item is sturdy and durable. The lining is made from soft polyester to help balance comfort and constancy. I also want to highlight the filling of the Gelert product which is made from a combination of polyester and 00g/m2 Mono Fibre – now that’s something synonymous to “sleep well and feel the warmth”!

More on the comfort

When we say comfort, it’s not only about the comfort of sleeping. It’s also about the ease you get when you’re carrying the item through your long journey. The Gelert Sleeping Pod has a likable, comfy temperature of +2.7°C to -2.7°C. Its weight of 1.7 kgs and packed size of 43x25cm makes it easy for the carrier to bring it around. Now that’s something not all sleeping pods acquire. In fact, I use this item more often these past months compared to my trusted sleeping bags. I simply love the overall convenience brought by this product.

Anything and everything

Basically, there are three sizes you can choose from when purchasing the Gelert Sleeping Pod, mine was about 105 x 210 – open size. It doesn’t sound that wide but you fully open the item, you will be amazed that a sleeping pod this big and this fluffy can be transformed and packed into a way smaller sac without ruining the item. I also want to share that the Gelert Sleeping Pod comes with a loose shell (really great, trust me!) and its own stuffed sac. The vibrant colors of blue, grey and pink will make the entire outdoor sleeping more soothing.

Where it can be improved

Sizing matters a lot, and that’s something you should be careful about when purchasing this sleeping pod. One of my friend who purchased an XL size became problematic because it was too big for him, although he’s already a big man. Hence, prior to purchasing the item, be sure you open it and estimate if it’s the right size for you. Aside from that, there’s nothing else I can say, this is plainly an amazing pod!

Product variations

Gelert Sleeping Pod XL
Gelert Sleeping Pod
Gelert Sleeping Pod Junior

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Try-Brid 800 Sleeping Bag




Final say

Definitely, I would say give a big yes when asked if this item is worth the buy. All the specifications, the dimensions and the comfort brought by the Gelert Sleeping Pod – I simply love it! I never knew I can find something more comfortable than the usual sleeping bags I use and I bet this pod will be my sleeping buddy for as long as it can last. With a price of £30-£60, I can consider this fairly affordable hence, there’s no reason for you not to try it.


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