Gap Year in Orlando

Travelling anywhere in the world on your gap year is going to be exciting wherever you decide to go. But imagine wide open spaces, championship golf courses and being close to Disneyworld, then you cannot go far wrong with visiting Orlando in Florida. There’s also a great brunch scene in Orlando.

Set 35 miles from the coast in the heart of the states lakes area, Orlando had hardly been heard of a few decades ago. Now it is one of the most visited places in the area owing to the proximity of the Disney Park with all its off shoots such as the Epcot Center and Sea World and also because of the Kennedy Space Center.

However for golf Florida is a good bet. If you are keen on golf Orlando has so many courses to choose from with championship courses, public courses and club ones which of course are more pricey. There is even a course designed by one of the greatest golfers of all time – Jack Nicklaus. And Arnold Palmer owns another one that puts golf Florida style on the map.

Anyone who knows about the game will tell you golf Florida and sunshine gel well together. It must be to do with the space there is in the country and the keenness of the people to build so many interesting and different types of courses.

Most of the courses offer 18 holes with a variety of terrain, water features and difficulty. Playing golf Orlando way is easy as you can book a tee time, make sure you are wearing the right gear and hire some clubs if you need to. Then you can enjoy the game at your leisure knowing that playing golf Florida in the sunshine is one of the best places to be.

If you are into golf Orlando will not disappoint with its public courses which are far more affordable than if you want to play as a one-off at a club. There are at least six public golf courses to choose from in the Orlando area offering a variety of skills required to complete them. Some of them have driving ranges so if you do not have time for a full round of golf you can practise your swing on the range.

And then there is always the 19th hole to enjoy after your game. What better way to spend that than watching the sun sink below the Florida horizon drinking a cool American beer, munching on some nuts and reminiscing about the great game of golf you have just enjoyed.


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