Gap Year Globetrotter

Can you really some up a Gap Year in under five minutes?

I was talking to a friend of mine about my own Gap Year. A Gap Year is far longer than just a year. I spent well over a year before I’d even left day dreaming, looking at a world map and wishing I was somewhere else. When you get back from a Gap Year the memories will always be with. You may hear a song that takes you back to the Full Moon Party or an image of a beach will have you wishing you were back on Fraser Island.

My friend, feeling inspired, decided to write a tribute to Gap Year backpacking. Take 5 minutes out of your day to listen to the video below. If you’re thinking of going travelling or have already been I promise you that at least one line will really hit home and have you thinking.

The lyrics are at the bottom of this post. Let me know if you identify with any of it or if it makes you feel particularly inspired. Oh and don’t forget if you like the video give it a thumbs up!

What is it you want to see?
Where is it you want to be?
Take me around the world Mr. PC,
…it all seems too easy,
booking your trip with the click of a mouse
saliva dribbling from your mouth
this suspense can’t be matched
and your itchy feet they can’t be scratched
finger nails and teeth have become a bit too attached
spinning globes on your finger like a globetrotter
dreaming of places 20degrees hotter
your atlas is much more interesting now than geography GCSE
so sick of people telling you the places you should see
the advice is nice but this has gotta be done yourself
whilst blood pressure hits heights dangerous for your health
been looking forward to this since you were little
burrowing away pennies like a squirrel
Spent months not spending
Calendar countdown seems never-ending,
baked bean butties been eating
bank balance ready to take a beating, worse than Mike Tyson
not even had your lights on
take off looms as you hectically hunt your room
for all that you gotta pack
chuck the essentials into the backpack
surfer shorts and sun-cream bought,
better dust off your passport cos tomorrow you hit the airport
arrive at the terminal with a yawn,
it’s before dawn and freezing and your dad’s teasing
cos you’re already dressed in flip flops, socks and vest skin tight
shades on to shield you from the harsh rays of the moonlight
and he’s right to tease, you look more like a tourist than the Japanese
but this trip isn’t about being inconspicuous and you’re cool looking ridiculous
say farewell to mum and dad promise you won’t cause too much mischief
although getting gash and gargling goon are high on your to-do list
a final kiss on the cheek as you head to the check-in
can’t chicken out now it’s too late
hurriedly head towards the gate
your walk turns into a jog
as you follow in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg
Onboard and bored,
Recycled Hollywood garbage showing so you avoid the TV
Alas the perfect time to stretch your legs to avoid DVT
Wandering and pondering a mad notion
like if your plane were now to plummet into the ocean
would you be able to create your own version of Lost?
And how much does a lap dance with the stewardess cost,
a long haul flight, day through night
but you’re too pumped to burn out like a fag
and you swiftly sidestep jet lag
no recollection of initial hesitation
as you burst outta the plane in your first destination
those who dare to, travel by heart
guide books are useful but they’re only a start
so get off the beaten track and don’t look back
this isn’t a holiday, it’s an adventure
so venture off into the wilderness
there’s no rules to this
just get jabbed in case of illnesses
Blink so much goon consumed you’re lucky to still have a kidney
Spend new years eve dazzled in Sydney
You’re awestruck or stuck
Lost track of time you coulda sworn
you should be on a bus to Melbourne
But you don’t really care
So many beauts you can only stop and stare
Aussie spirit fills the air
You get the feeling they breathe different oxygen down there
No worries man you’re cool like a fridge,
Blink and you’re peering over a bridge
up to now you’ve been willing to land anywhere
unplanned but not here not Queensland
cos there ain’t no coming back if your bungee cord snaps,
mouth can’t make a sound, don’t look down,
crown jewels tucked between your legs,
so tight they could crack like eggs
Oh such dizzying heights, one leap and your body’s airbourne like kites,
Blink and you’re whispering sweet nothings into the ear
of your dear holiday romance as you dance
and swoon the night away at the full moon beach partay
Blink blink blink, what did you think?
That it wouldn’t fly by in the flash of an eye?
Days end with a sigh because the clock doesn’t lie
embrace each place at your own pace
no need for haste
take time to savour – the cultural flavour
and you should know that
it can’t all be done with a Kodak
you can’t capture with a lens a truly special moment with friends
it takes your whole being
and seeing even a billion Facebook photo like signs
won’t make up for the shiver down your spine
when you look back and reminisce
over the times you shall oh so miss
As you dig your feet into the sand,
trying to grasp onto these moments
but the sand slips through your toes like an egg timer,
acts as a reminder that your time so fast goes
so whether you’re chilling on white sands palm trees and calm breeze
swimming with vicious fishes in Mauritius
or dining on delicious dishes with your missus
wondering why life can’t always be like this
the only times you’ll feel homesick
is when you get home and you’re sick to realise
that you’re in your house, not Laos
visiting your nan, not chilling in Vietnam
just try not to spend the whole journey hungover
because all too soon it’s over
travel brings with it a brighter perspective on daily strife
the knowledge that there’s more to life than an office desk stress
never settle for anything less
than moments which take away your breath
The last day and the hole in your heart is gaping
and the hole in the wall is hating
but you couldn’t care less about the debt
not one ounce of regret
eyelashes wet thinking of friends met
so as your plane jets and the sun sets
you take one last look over your shoulder
and hope you’ll be back when you’re older
but if you’ve experienced this you already know my punchline
Plain and simple – this trip was once in a lifetime

  • Nancy
    Posted at 16:33h, 28 June

    Best summary I’ve heard ever! Brilliant.

  • Rich
    Posted at 17:32h, 28 June

    Fantastic stuff, but the very last line is absolutely tragic, leaving no room for hope that you could do it again. Sad.

  • Simon
    Posted at 18:42h, 28 June

    The last line may sound tragic on the surface, but I actually mean that you could never do that exact same trip again..

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