From England to Ozstralia: A Mini Language Guide

Vital grammar that every backpacker should know when stepping out and about in the land down under…

1. Replace the casual ‘hello’ and expect to be greeted with a ‘G’day Mate’/’How ya doing mate’/ ‘You right mate?’ …. You will soon become everyone’s ‘mate’ and everyone will be your ‘mate’.

2. ‘Chavs’ are known as ‘Bogans’ on this side of the world

3. When asking the local guy where the nearest ‘alcohol shop is’ expect to be corrected and directed to the local ‘Bottle O’/ ‘Bottle Shop’.

4. Making out with the hot guy/girl in the club is referred to as ‘pashing’ 😉

5. ‘Last night was so much fun’ becomes ‘last night was heaps of fun and totally awesome guys’

6. You will no longer be ordering an ‘orange juice’ at the bar/restaurant but an ‘OJ’ (that’s obv an OJ… with vodka unless it’s before midday of course 😉

7. ‘Plans for “this afternoon” will be abbreviated to ‘what’s the plan “this arvo” guys’

8. The hot guy/girl at the beach/in the club has got ‘spunk’ 😉 … and when you want the annoying guy/girl in the club to get lost tell them to ‘rack off’.

9. You will find yourself asking for the local ‘hotel’ and not ‘pub’ when wanting to have a beer (I find this most bizarre, I thought hotels accommodated guests for sleeping!!)

10. Grab your “thongs and sunnies” – Put on your “flip flops and sunglasses it’s time to catch some waves”

11. ”After having a ‘barbie on the beach’ you’ll be feeling “chocka” (aka full-up)

12. When you turn up late and there are no seats left on the Oz Party Bus, it no longer ‘sucks’ but ‘shivers’

13. You’ll be paying with X amount of ‘bucks’ to stay in the hostel, not ‘dollars’

14. When you get to your hostel and your bed hasn’t been made you will need to go to reception and ask for a “doona” … not “duvet”.

15. Need the ‘toilet’…. You now need the “dunny”

16. When you’re daydreaming watching the world go by down by the Harbour you are “away with the pixies”.

17. If you are from England don’t be surprised when the hostel staff/bar tender/shop assistant/random on the bus overhearing you speak, gets excited and says ‘oh wow you’re a pom/pommie/pommy

18. All ‘biscuits’ are known as ‘cookies’ in the land down under… even if they don’t have choc chip pieces in them they are still called ‘cookies’ over here!

19. You will start calling ‘sweets’, ‘lollies’ these include all sweets and not just lollies on a stick aka ‘Chupa Chups’ as we know them back home etc.

20. When all your ‘vests/strap tops’ are dirty/have holes in them you will be re-buying some more in the name of ‘singlets’.

21. When it’s time to up and leave one hostel and move on to the next, it’s time to grab your ‘kit’… not your ‘backpack’!

Written by GYE contributor Hayley Woolf.

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