Florida: More than just Disney

There’s a reason Florida is a world renowned tourist destination. It’s jam-spankin-packed with things to do – not to mention, awesome beaches, heat and wavy palm trees. From spring break to family vacation, it’s a large state that has something for everyone.

Sites To See and Things To Do

  • Florida is most famous for it’s theme parks – Disney Land (Epcot Center and Universal Studios) found in Orlando. These parks are also much more affordable than you think. Stay places like Florida4Less family villas and find coupons online for entry to the park(s) of your choice. Orlando is one of the largest tourist attractions in the world for a reason, and it’s not just for children. Although it may sound cheesy, Disney, Epcot and Universal really are fun for the whole family. There is so much to do and see in these parks it’s hard to only name a few, you could dine at the Hard Rock Cafe or on a cruise with Mickey Mouse. For the adventurous, ride roller coasters and water slides all day long. Movie buffs, do a Hollywood Studio’s tour and if you like live shows, there are so many to choose from it’s unbelievable.
  • Florida is also known for being the only place in the world you can watch a manned space shuttle launch. It can be seen from miles away, but it’s recommended you watch from Titusville. If that’s too much excitement for you, the famous Salvador Dali museum in located in St.Petersburg with an extensive line of works.
  • If you’re along the coast, Florida lighthouses are breathtaking. The history and beauty of these coastal architectural pieces will surprise you. And if you’re an animal person, take an alligator tour. There’s nothing better than seeing wildlife in it’s own habitat. Best eco tours can be found in and around the Everglades National Park. These are just a few of the vast sites to see in

Not sold on Florida yet? Well, if you aren’t a touristy-kinda person, you can still enjoy yourself. Not everyone travels to this state for Mickey Mouse and lighthouses. Much of Florida’s tourism is for those who want to relax in luxury, or party like crazy.

  • If you’re a golfer you don’t want to miss a chance to play at one of the many golf courses in warm and sunny Tampa. Alas, Tampa is one of the top retirement destinations for North American’s. Research where you’re going first so you don’t end up somewhere the population majority is 60+.
  • Soak up the sun and snorkel all day long on some of the best beaches around the globe. Whether you are looking for white sand with skyscrapers in view or palm trees as far as the eye can see, Florida has you covered. From Key West, Panama City, Myrtle Beach, South Beach to Miami you can customize your beach trip to what suites you.
  • And to the party people, these hot beaches blow up over spring break. Forget Cancun, Florida has an overwhelming amount of places to choose from. Before you book your trip, keep in mind, legal drinking age is twenty one in the United States.

Florida Culture
Yes, that’s right folks, there’s more to Florida than Disney Land and sun tanning. In the Northern parts of Florida you will find ‘southern’ cooking, dialect and lifestyle. The term ‘southern’ refers to a type of culture found in areas of the United States, such as Georgia or Alabama. These are parts are defined by the term ‘southern bell’ referring to definitive accents and comfort foods such as fried chicken and spicy barbecues.
Head down to Southern Florida and you will find a completely different atmosphere and culture. Being so close to Central America and the Caribbean, southern cities such as Miami are oozing with Latin America language, foods and dance. As in South America, Miami also celebrates Carnival big and bold. This is an event not to be missed!


  • Weekly Travel Blog Links – LandingStanding
    Posted at 10:41h, 25 April

    […] As a Miami resident and someone who just wrote a two part expose on the theme parks in Orlando, you already know I enjoy Florida.  But check out what GapYearEscape has to say on the matter. […]

  • Elle
    Posted at 19:43h, 25 April

    I agree, Florida is so much more than Key West and Disney World. Sure we have amazing thrill rides, stunning beaches, and NASA but there’s a whole different side to Florida as well. We have countless miles of trails for you to hike or bike. We have cool natural springs for you to relax in during the summer time. We have several plantations and forts to explore as well as St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country. Florida has an abundance of things for visitors to check out.

  • Bluegreen Kirk
    Posted at 16:45h, 03 May

    I can say from living in Florida for the past 10 years that there is a lot more to do than just visit Disney and Universal Studios. Though like many other places people tend to only go where everyone else has been. Those places are the ones the have the most advertising dollars. But St Augustine and a lot of other places make for a wonderful visit or vacation.

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