FlightHub’s Guide To Macgyver-Ing Your Next Backpacking Trip

Everyone wants to feel like the supreme handy man. Maybe you have no aspirations of building homes or becoming an engineer, but you want to know that if a pressing situation arises, you can improvise and come up with a solution quickly. More or less, you want to be MacGyver. The popular action star graced the small screen from 1985 to 1992. His specialty wasn’t brawn, but brains. People on the road for extended stays in Nomad heaven need to be able to improvise. While your brain will take you most of the way when it comes to improve tools, FlightHub says having a few cheap and efficient supplies can help bring your creations to life in a pinch.


Duct Tape

The handy man’s secret weapon. Duct tape can be used for just about anything. Is your bag broken? Use duct tape to keep it together until you can find a place to repair or replace it. Need to de-lint clothing? Duct tape can take care of that. It can even come in handy when travelling with children as many hotels feature little to no child-proofing. Duct tape could be the single most important item on this list according to FlightHub’s review.

Ziplock Bags

Besides storing food and snacks, large ziplock bags can be used for a variety of things. Whether it is storing toiletries that could leak and make a mess, or stashing a camera you want to keep dry, ziplock bags are great for keeping your property dry, whether it is inside or outside the bag.

Power Strips

If you are hitting the road into deep country, power could be scarce. So, when you find it you want to make the very best of it. Power strips allow you to expand a single outlet into several, allowing you to charge multiple devices or plug in multiple appliances. You shouldn’t have to choose between shaving your face and charging your phone or GPS.


Depending how you feel about fashion you may already have one of these packed. Besides a statement, a bandana can be used for many things. You can use it is to wash up, dry off, clean lenses, and generally clean up just about anything. Beyond that, it can be used for dust control, to cool you off, and dry you off. Like duct tape, the uses are pretty unlimited when it comes to a bandana.

Travel Mug

Not just for a cup of joe, travel mugs make for great storage of small items. Make sure it is a water tight, has a screw top, and is large. If so, you can use it for storing your phone, money, documents, and more. It also works as a theft deterrent using the concept of hidden in plain sight according to FlightHub. Maybe a thief likes some of your property, but you can bet no one is going out their way to steal a coffee mug.

Safety Pins

Where duct tape may fail, a safety pin will usually do. Use safety pins to temporarily repair zippers, buttons, and other clothing mishaps. You can even use them to clip up your clothes in the event you are passing through messy terrain.

Tote Bags

Easily storable, tote bags can rollout and become a major help at a market or grocery store. Use these bags to avoid useless plastic bags (and their sometimes associated fees) and also to store dirty laundry. This will help you keep it separated from your clean clothes, preserving their freshness.

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