Five must-have travel gadgets

The worlds of technology and travel have always been closely related. The discerning traveller today has a wide choice of wonderful toys and tools to pack to take along on their adventures. The five gadgets below are guaranteed to simplify and enhance your time on the road.

Compact camera

A good quality compact camera will give you years of good service at a fraction of the price of a SLR or film camera. Most compact cameras are small and light enough to tuck in pocket and take anywhere and if you stick a few spare batteries and memory cards in your luggage you will never be caught short when that perfect photo moment arrives. Some models are even water and dust resistant, useful features even if you aren’t walking across deserts or diving with sharks

Smart phone

A smart phone is truly one of the great revelation in the history of travel gadgetry. A smart phone will not only let you make calls and send messages but will put a web browser, camera, GPS navigator and e-reader in your pocket. They are perhaps a little fragile to take on more adventurous trips but the myriad of applications for them makes a smart phone a 21st century swiss army knife, just make sure you are insured in case you of loss or damage.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Ah yes, there is nothing like a nice long flight or bus ride. A pair of good noise-cancelling headphones will reduce your travel fatigue markedly byt giving you your own little pool of calm and quiet no matter where you may find yourself. Make sure the model you choose includes a jack to plug into airline entertainment systems and carry some spare batteries.


The humble e-reader has come a long way. The first generation of clunky and frankly ugly readers has evolved into a much more elegant family of gadgets that are well suited to the needs of a frequent traveller. Lightweight, with batteries lasting weeks rather than days and capable of holding entire libraries of books an e-reader is a very useful thing to pack. Imaging carrying all the travel guides, dictionaries and language books you need in the palm of your hand rather than dragging them across the world, like a paper ball-and-chain. Pack more souvenirs and fewer books for those long flights.

Universal power adapter kit

While not as sexy as a smart phone, a universal power adapter is a must-have if you are going on the road. It will allow you to charge all your gadgets without the need to carry around a whole bag of different wall socket adapters and keep your gadgets in good working order.

There is nothing like travelling and these five gadgets will make your life on the road a much easier and more pleasant experience. Make sure you pack all the necessary attachments and cables, fill in the warranty cards and get some travel insurance coverage to protect them and hit the road!

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