Fancy Taking a Gap Year to Florida?

Maybe you have just finished your exams and can’t stand the idea of starting University straight away? Perhaps you have been working for a few years and want to take a break, travel and expand your horizons? Whatever your reasons for taking a gap year, there is no denying that it is a valuable life experience that will only benefit your long term prospects.

The world is literally your oyster so when you are studying the map and planning where to jet off to, it’s a good idea to consider what exactly it is that you want to achieve from your time away. If you are after sun, sea, friendly people and an opportunity to meet some fantastic new friends then taking a gap year in Florida could be just the choice for you.

Cheap flights to Florida aren’t too hard to come by and the US State has an abundance of things which make it the perfect gap year destination including beaches, nature and some of the best nightlife a traveller could hope for.

Many people that choose Florida head there with one thing in mind – becoming a prince or a princess! A Disney prince or princess that is! There are a number of programmes available which allow people to land dream jobs at Disney World or one of the other parks owned by Disney in Orlando.

As well as the obvious perks of having free entry to all of the Disney theme parks and incredibly cheap accommodation, employees will learn valuable skills, which are transferable in the work place. If accepted on to the programme, you might be located in the Magic Kingdom but you could also hang out with whales and dolphins at SeaWorld or experience the world of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. Being a member of the Disney staff is a fun and rewarding experience and we guarantee you will make some wonderful friends!

If Disney isn’t for you, Camp America could be. This popular programme allows people to go and work in an American summer camp and when the summer is over, they are free to travel around the US for up to 10 weeks. Camp is an exciting place to be. As well as getting to interact with the kids and take part in lots of fun activities, it gives you a real insight into the American way of life. The programme attracts people from all over the world who just might make the perfect travelling companions once camp is over. The people at Camp America look after everything for you – placements, visas, travel insurance and they even have a 24 hour helpline should you need any assistance at any time.

Choosing to spend your time in the United States is a fantastic option for your gap year. The country has so much to offer and will leave you with memories, and friends, that will last a lifetime.

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